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Science Trivia Questions #30

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Mantle - The thickest part of the Earth, the mantle is approximately 2,880 km thick.What is the proper term for the layer of earth found between the crust and the outer core?

a. Corolla
b. Magna
c. Inner Core
d. Mantle

Sodium - Sodium is number eleven on the periodic table.Which element is represented by Na?

a. Plutonium
b. Silver
c. Tin
d. Sodium

Warbler - The sedge is another variety of the warbler.Varieties of this bird include the grasshopper, reed and marsh.

a. Warbler
b. Falcon
c. Wren
d. Duck

Sir Ernest Rutherford - Sir Ernest Rutherford was born in New Zealand in 1871.Known as the father of nuclear physics, which of these men is credited with splitting the atom?

a. Sir John Percy
b. Sir Henry Adams
c. Sir William King
d. Sir Ernest Rutherford

The upper arm - The triceps control a lot of the elbow movement.Where would you find your triceps?

a. The upper arm
b. Stomach
c. The lower back
d. Lower leg

Frequency modulation - The acronym AM stands for amplitude modulation.What does the acronym "FM" stand for on your radio?

a. Frequency meter
b. Fifteenth modulation
c. Frequency modulation
d. Fast meter

Spleen - The spleen is about the size of your fist.Which of these organs filters foreign substances out of the blood?

a. Pancreas
b. Stomach
c. Heart
d. Spleen

173F - 173F is about 78C. Methanol alcohol boils at 151F.What is the boiling point for grain or ethanol alcohol?

a. 455F
b. 173F
c. 231F
d. 100F

Jupiter - A day on Jupiter lasts about 9 hours and fifty-five minutes.Which planet from our solar system has the shortest day?

a. Mercury
b. Jupiter
c. Mars
d. Neptune

Jacques Cousteau - Cousteau developed the aqualung with Emile Gagman.Who is credited with inventing the aqualung in 1943?

a. Leonardo di Vinci
b. William Sturgeon
c. Jacques Cousteau
d. Nikola Tesla

Enrico Fermi - Enrico Fermi was an Italian physicist who is known for his work in nuclear and quantum physics.Who is often referred to as the “Father of the atomic bomb”?

a. Nicolas Cugnot
b. Christian Huygens
c. Enrico Fermi
d. Karl Whilliem

The ear - Other parts of the ear include the pinna and the eardrum.Where would you find an anvil, a stirrup and a hammer?

a. A radio
b. The ear
c. The foot
d. A battery

8 - Hydrogen atomic number is 1.What is oxygen's atomic number?

a. 40
b. 2
c. 11
d. 8

Turbojet engine - Sir Frank Whittle was a member of the RAF.Sir Frank Whittle is best-known for inventing what?

a. Flour mill
b. Stapler
c. Machine gun
d. Turbojet engine

Carbon dioxide - Dry ice is sometimes called cardice.Often used for theatrical effects, what is dry ice?

a. Carbon dioxide
b. Carbonate
c. Nitrous oxide
d. Ammonium sulfate

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