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Science Trivia Questions E32

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Honey Bees - Seven species of honey bee are recognized."Apiology" is the scientific study of what?

a. Trout
b. Earthquakes
c. Honey Bees
d. Mars

Neon - A noble gas, Neon is about two-thirds the density of air.Which of the following elements has the lowest atomic mass?

a. Chlorine
b. Silicon
c. Phosphorus
d. Neon

Kip S. Thorne - Black Holes and Time Warps provides an illustrated overview of black hole theory."Black Holes and Time Warps - Einstein's Outrageous Legacy" is a popular science book by whom?

a. Anil Ananthaswamy
b. Stephen Hawking
c. Leonard Susskind
d. Kip S. Thorne

The photoelectric effect - Einstein published more than 300 scientific papers during his lifetime.For what discovery did Albert Einstein get the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921?

a. Cosmological constant
b. The photoelectric effect
c. Brownian motion
d. Special relativity

Lungs - Pneumonia affects about 450 million people globally per year.Pneumonia affects which part of the human body?

a. Kidneys
b. Gums
c. Rectum
d. Lungs

Salamander - The greater siren is one of the largest amphibians in North America.The "Greater Siren" is a type of which animal?

a. Toad
b. Spider
c. Salamander
d. Frog

Aluminum - Aluminum is a chemical element with the symbol Al.What element has the Atomic number thirteen on the Periodic Table?

a. Silicon
b. Aluminum
c. Sulfur
d. Phosphorous

Brain - A fair amount of overlap occurs between the fields of neurology and psychiatry.Neurologists are doctors who diagnose and treat problems with what part of the human body?

a. Digestive system
b. Feet
c. Heart
d. Brain

Fluorite - Mohs Scale measures the hardness of minerals.Which of these has a higher number on the "Mohs Scale"?

a. Fluorite
b. Calcite
c. Talc
d. Gypsum

Marie Curie - Curie received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911.Who became the 1st woman to win a Nobel Prize, and the only woman to win in two different fields?

a. Janaki Ammal
b. Marie Curie
c. Rachel Carson
d. Barbara McClintok

Willebrord Snellius - Law of Refraction is also known as Snell's law.Who is credited for having discovered the "Law of Refraction" in 1621?

a. Willebrord Snellius
b. Alfred Wallace
c. Humphry Davy
d. Robert Boyle

Stephen Hawking - The book was a bestseller with more than 10 million copies sold.Who wrote the seminal work "A Brief History of Time"?

a. Roger Penrose
b. Carl Sagan
c. Albert Einstein
d. Stephen Hawking

Circulatory system - Angiology deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating blood vessel related diseases.The medical specialty field of "Angiology" deals with what diseases?

a. Respiratory system
b. Hands
c. Circulatory system
d. Digestive system

Zinc - Copper's symbol is Cu and its atomic number is 29.Brass is a metallic alloy that is made from copper and what other chemical element?

a. Lead
b. Iron
c. Carbon
d. Zinc

Sun - Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance-era mathematician and astronomer.Nicolaus Copernicus believed that the size of each planet's orbit depended on its distance from what?

a. Sun
b. Earth
c. Milky Way
d. North Star

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