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Science Trivia Questions #27

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Cygnus - The star Deneb is part of the Cygnus constellation.Which constellation derives its name from the Greek word for swan?

a. Lyra
b. Helios
c. Cygnus
d. Phaethon

Respiratory - The lungs are a part of this system.What is the name of the biological system that controls breathing?

a. Digestive
b. Reproductive
c. Immune
d. Respiratory

Vitamin D - The human body can make vitamin D from casual sun exposure.Often referred to as the "sunshine vitamin," which vitamin does exposure to the sun provide?

a. Vitamin C
b. Vitamin B
c. Vitamin D
d. Vitamin E

Oak - An oak tree starts producing acorns between the age of 20 to 50 years.What kind of tree produces acorns?

a. Oak
b. Birch
c. Pine
d. Maple

Endocrine - Major endocrine glands include the thyroid, pituitary and pancreas.Which biological system controls glands and hormones?

a. Endocrine
b. Nervous
c. Lymphatic
d. Reproductive

Ti - Titanium is listed as number 22 on the periodic table.What is the chemical symbol for Titanium?

a. Ta
b. TT
c. Ti
d. T

Ornithophily - Only specific plants can be pollinated by birds.The process by which flowering plants are pollinated by birds is called?

a. Ornithophily
b. Anemophily
c. Entomophily
d. Autogamy

Niobium - Niobium is a grey ductile metal.Which element is represented by Nb on the periodic table?

a. Potassium
b. Niobium
c. Nobelium
d. Nickel

Thigh - Biceps and triceps are in the arm.Where are your quadriceps located?

a. Arm
b. Stomach
c. Back
d. Thigh

Coal - Oil and gas are also fossil fuels.Which of these would be considered a fossil fuel?

a. Geothermic
b. Coal
c. Wind
d. Solar

Brass - Brass is often used to create musical instruments.Zinc and copper make up what alloy?

a. Inconel
b. Pewter
c. Brass
d. Steel

Hydrogen and oxygen - There are two hydrogen atoms to every oxygen atom. What are the two elements in water?

a. Carbon and oxygen
b. Hydrogen and oxygen
c. Hydrogen and carbon
d. Oxygen and helium

Lightening - Franklin is often portrayed flying a kite during an electric storm.Benjamin Franklin is often associated with what natural phenomena?

a. Lightening
b. Earth quakes
c. Tornadoes
d. Southern lights

Chlorine - Chlorine's symbol is Cl and its atomic number is 17.The second lightest halogen, which gas is often used as a disinfectant in drinking water?

a. Fluorine
b. Lithium
c. Hydrogen
d. Chlorine

The steam turbine - Charles was an engineer. He died in 1931.What did Charles Parson invent?

a. The refrigerator
b. The steam turbine
c. The electric telegraph
d. The telescope

Bone marrow - Platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells are produced by stem cells, which are located in the bone marrow.Where are the majority of blood cells produced?

a. Pancreas
b. Bone marrow
c. Heart
d. Liver

Hemophilia - Some members of the British royal family suffer from this condition.What is the name of the condition that prevents blood clotting called?

a. Myeloma
b. Leukemia
c. Anemia
d. Hemophilia

Gravitational - All of Newton's laws are based on the influence of gravity.What is the name of the force that keeps planets in their orbits?

a. Gravitational
b. Kinetic
c. Nuclear
d. Electromagnetic

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