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Science Trivia Questions XIX

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Positive - One or more protons are present in the nucleus of every atom.A proton has what type of charge?

a. Sometimes Positive, Sometimes Negative
b. Positive
c. Neutral
d. Negative

Charles Babbage - Ophthalmoscopy is done as part of a routine eye examination.Although credit is often given to Hermann von Helmholtz in 1851, which 19th-Century scientist may have invented the Ophthalmoscope in 1847?

a. Charles Babbage
b. Joseph Henry
c. Thomas Edison
d. Henry Cavendish

15 degrees Celsius - Atmospheric temperature and pressure can provide a reference for calculating various aircraft performance figures.The standard atmospheric temperature of earth at sea level is?

a. 18 degrees Celsius
b. 15 degrees Celsius
c. 21 degrees Celsius
d. 12 degrees Celsius

65,536 - Most current computers use 32 or 64 bits.How many memory locations can an 8-bit CPU address?

a. 65,535
b. 65,536
c. 65,537
d. 32,768

About $1.5 Billion - The telescope is named after the astronomer Edwin Hubble.The Hubble Space Telescope blasted off aboard the space shuttle Discovery from Cape Canaveral on April 24, 1990. What was its price tag?

a. About $1 Billion
b. About $500 Million
c. About $1.5 Billion
d. About $200 Million

About 8 minutes and 20 seconds - The sun has a diameter of about 1,392,684 km, which is about 109 times that of Earth.How long does it take light from the sun to reach the earth?

a. About 8 minutes and 20 seconds
b. About 9 hours and 8 minutes
c. About 12 seconds
d. About 12 minutes and 20 seconds

Tungsten - Tungsten has the chemical symbol W and atomic number 74.Which metal has the highest melting point?

a. Titanium
b. Platinum
c. Tungsten
d. Gold

March 13, 1781 - In addition to discovering Uranus, William was the first person to discover the existence of infrared radiation.When did Sir William Herschel discover the planet Uranus?

a. March 13, 1581
b. March 13, 1881
c. March 13, 1781
d. March 13, 1681

Reproduce only inside a host - Viruses can infect all types of organisms including animals, plants, bacteria and archaea.A virus is a minuscule parasitic organism that can do what?

a. Cause the body temperature to drop
b. Cause insanity
c. Destroy data on a disk
d. Reproduce only inside a host

July 25, 1946 - Located in the Micronesian Islands of the Pacific Ocean, Bikini Atoll is listed as a World Heritage Site.When did the United States detonate its first atomic bomb in an underwater test at the Bikini Atoll?

a. July 25, 1952
b. July 25, 1946
c. July 25, 1950
d. July 25, 1948

Venus - Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.Which celestial body did the philosopher Pythagoras name in 530 BC, although its name has now been translated into Latin?

a. Saturn
b. Venus
c. Mercury
d. Jupiter

Hans Lippershey - The lunar crater Lippershey and the minor planet 31338 Lipperhey were named after Hans.Who invented the telescope?

a. Galileo
b. Nicolaus Copernicus
c. Edwin Powell Hubble
d. Hans Lippershey

Sir Isaac Newton - Newton shares credit with Gottfried Leibniz for the invention of infinitesimal calculus.First published in 1687, who wrote "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy"?

a. Gottfried Leibniz
b. Charles Babbage
c. Sir Isaac Newton
d. Pierre de Fermat

Ge - Germanium is used as semiconductor in transistors and various other electronic devices.The symbol for Germanium is what?

a. Gr
b. Ge
c. Ga
d. Gm

Bamboo - Bamboo is a member of the grass family.Some types of this plant can grow over three feet in just one day.

a. Bamboo
b. Cactus
c. Creeping Thyme
d. Lemon Grass

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