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Animals and Nature Trivia Quiz III

Printable Animal Trivia Questions

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Back - Depending on the species, a fish may have one or two dorsal fins.Where on a fish would you find its dorsal fin?

a. Tail
b. Stomach
c. Back
d. Head

Chow Chow - The Chow Chow is one of the few ancient dog breeds still in existence.Originating in northern China, this dog breed is known for its unique blue-black tongue and thick coat of fur.

a. Chow Chow
b. Shar Pei
c. Shih Tzu
d. Pekingese

Bald Eagle - The Bald Eagle is found only in North America.This species of bird is the national animal of the United States of America.

a. Prairie Falcon
b. Black Vulture
c. White-tailed Hawk
d. Bald Eagle

Dwarf Seahorse - Endangered, the dwarf seahorse is found in the Bahamas and the United States.With a top speed of five feet per hour, what is the world's slowest fish?

a. Stickleback
b. Dab
c. Dwarf Seahorse
d. Angelfish

Yellow - The white tiger typically has blue eyes.All tigers, expect white tigers, have what color of eyes?

a. Blue
b. White
c. Pink
d. Yellow

Bees - A location where bees are kept is called a bee yard or an apiary.Apiculture is the keeping and/or study of what animal?

a. Tadpoles
b. Butterflies
c. Apes
d. Bees

42 - Puppies possess 28 baby teeth.How many permanent teeth does an adult dog have?

a. 42
b. 36
c. 28
d. 32

Wolves - The Grey is based on the short story 'Ghost Walker' by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers.In the 2011 movie "The Grey", Liam Neeson battled a pack of which type of wild animal?

a. Bears
b. Hyenas
c. Pumas
d. Wolves

19 - The largest macaws are Buffon's Great Green and Green-Winged Macaws.Macaws, long-tailed colorful parrots, consist of how many species?

a. 13
b. 17
c. 15
d. 19

Water Buffalo - Most of the Mozzarella cheeses available today are made from cow's milk.Traditionally, Mozzarella cheese was made from the milk of which animal?

a. Goat
b. Donkey
c. Water Buffalo
d. Sheep

Bongo - The Bongo is one of the largest of the African forest antelope species.Sharing its name with a percussion instrument, which relative of the antelope, native to Africa, has white vertical stripes on its body?

a. Bongo
b. Timpani
c. Djembe
d. Tom-tom

Crocodile - Lacoste was founded in 1933.The French clothing company "Lacoste" features which type of animal in its logo?

a. Snake
b. Horse
c. Crocodile
d. Eagle

Cuckoo - Some roadrunners have been clocked at 20 miles per hour.The Roadrunner is a member of which bird family?

a. Parrot
b. Budgie
c. Cuckoo
d. Cockatiel

Goliath - The Goliath Frog can grow up to 12.6 in in length and weigh up to 7.17 lbs.The world's largest frog and beetle are both named after which biblical character?

a. Samson
b. Goliath
c. Magog
d. David

Canaries - Well into the 20th century, coal miners brought canaries into coal mines for the purpose of detecting toxic gases.Conventionally, what birds were used in coal mines to detect toxic gases such as Carbon monoxide?

a. Parrots
b. Canaries
c. Sparrows
d. Budgies

Chick - Penguins live almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.What name is used for a young penguin?

a. Cub
b. Trout
c. Babe
d. Chick

Bivouac - When on the move, the army ants set up bivouacs at new sites each night.What name is given to the temporary nest structures that army ants construct from their own bodies to protect their queen?

a. Bivouac
b. Shield
c. Tent
d. Formicary

Hummingbird - Hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds in the world.What type of bird is the only bird that can fly backwards, as well as upside-down?

a. Vireo
b. Wren
c. Waxbill
d. Hummingbird

Owl - Hedwig was given to Harry as a birthday present by Rubeus Hagrid.What type of animal is Harry Potter's pet "Hedwig"?

a. Cat
b. Rabbit
c. Snake
d. Owl

Seal  - The Japanese sea lion and the Caribbean monk seal have become extinct in the past century.Among this animal's species are the crabeater, elephant, spotted and fur.

a. Seal
b. Whale
c. Dolphin
d. Shark

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