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Animals and Nature Trivia Quiz #4

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Australia - The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest.On what continent would you find the world's largest reef system?

a. North America
b. Australia
c. Africa
d. South America

Hippopotamus - Hippopotamuses are extremely aggressive animals and can attack without provocation.What animal has killed more people in Africa than any other animal?

a. Elephant
b. Tiger
c. Hippopotamus
d. Lion

Platypus - The platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal.Which of the following animals is not a marsupial?

a. Opossum
b. Platypus
c. Bandicoot
d. Wombat

Five ants - An ant has six legs that are attached to its thorax - three on each side.Which of the following animal combinations has the most number of legs?

a. Three spiders
b. Three and a half camels
c. Four and a quarter horses
d. Five ants

Eucalyptus - The koala is a marsupial that is native to Australia.The leaves of which tree are the staple diet of the koala?

a. Golden Wattle
b. Moreton Bay Fig
c. Banksia
d. Eucalyptus

14 - A Panda can eat up to 27 pounds of bamboo a day.Approximately, how many hours per day do Pandas spend eating?

a. 1
b. 14
c. 24
d. 4

Water - Named the kangaroo rat because they can jump up to nine feet at once.The kangaroo rat of the western USA can go their entire lives without what?

a. Food
b. Sleep
c. Shade
d. Water

Swan - Geese and ducks are close relatives to the swan.Trumpeter, Whooper and Mute are species of which type of bird?

a. Duck
b. Ostrich
c. Swan
d. Penguin

Willow - Medicines derived from willow trees date back to ancient Sumer.The bark of which tree was originally used to make aspirin?

a. Oak
b. Redwood
c. Birch
d. Willow

Army - A group of cats is called a clowder.What is the collective name for a group of frogs?

a. Herd
b. Legion
c. Tribe
d. Army

Snow Leopard - The national bird of Afghanistan is the Golden Eagle.What is the national animal of Afghanistan?

a. Caspian Tiger
b. Snow Leopard
c. Rhesus Monkey
d. Mongoose

Capybara - The capybara has a barrel-shaped body and short head.Native to South America, what is the world's largest living rodent?

a. Capybara
b. Cavies
c. Chinchilla
d. Beaver

Black - It is believed that the giraffe's tongue is black to protect it from sunburn.What color is the tongue of a giraffe?

a. Green
b. Yellow
c. Red
d. Black

Mauritius - The Mauritius Island is east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.The dodo bird, an extinct flightless bird, was native to which island(s)?

a. Mauritius
b. Ascension Island
c. Solomon Islands
d. Madagascar

Strawberry - Strawberries are high in vitamin C.What is the only fruit in which the seeds grow on the outside of its skin?

a. Strawberry
b. Kumquat
c. Gooseberry
d. Bilberry

Germany - The Doberman Pinscher was developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann sometime around 1890.From which country does the Doberman Pinscher originate?

a. Poland
b. Germany
c. USA
d. Austria

Parasitic Worm - Helminthiasis is the medical condition of being infected with parasitic worms.Helminthology is the study of which creature?

a. Centipede
b. Badger
c. Mole
d. Parasitic Worm

Shark - There are over 500 species of sharks.Tiger, Blacktip Reef and Hammerhead are species of which fish?

a. Marlin
b. Whale
c. Pike
d. Shark

Lodge - Beavers are good swimmers and can stay under water for up to 15 minutes.The second-largest rodent in the world, what is a beaver's home called?

a. Den
b. Lodge
c. Dam
d. Holt

Amazon Rainforest - The Amazon Rainforest encompasses 7,000,000 square kilometers.Which rainforest produces half of the Earth's oxygen supply?

a. Amazon Rainforest
b. Congo Rainforest
c. Daintree Rainforest
d. Pacific Temperate Rainforest

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