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Animals and Nature Trivia Quiz #5

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Hazel - The Celts believed hazelnuts gave one inspiration and wisdom.Native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere, which member of the birch family Betulaceae produces edible nuts of the same name?

a. Alder
b. Pine
c. Hornbeam
d. Hazel

Shrew - Although a shew looks somewhat like a long-nosed mouse, it is not a rodent, it's a mole.Which small mammal has varieties named "Armored", "Mouse" and "Masked"?

a. Pika
b. Shrew
c. Squirrel
d. Weasel

Bloodhound - Bloodhounds are well-known for their ability to distinguish human scent over great distances.Which of the following dogs is best-known for its keen sense of smell and tracking abilities?

a. Chihuahua
b. Rottweiler
c. Bloodhound
d. Bulldog

Mudskipper - Mudskippers use their pelvic and pectoral fins to walk on land.Currently at 32 species, this land-adapted fish can spend days walking around out of water.

a. Tench
b. Wels Catfish
c. Haddock
d. Mudskipper

Buck - A female rabbit is called a doe.What is the correct term used when one refers to a male rabbit?

a. Boomer
b. Colt
c. Buck
d. Stallion

Tequila - Tequila was first produced sometime in the 16th century.A specialty of Mexico, this liquor is made from the blue agave plant.

a. Gin
b. Vodka
c. Rum
d. Tequila

Bat - About 70 percent of the bat species are insectivores.Found throughout most of the world, what are the only mammals that can achieve true and continual flight?

a. Sugar Glider
b. Owl
c. Bat
d. Flying Squirrel

Mule - When a male horse is crossed with a female donkey, they produce a hinny.What is the offspring called when a male donkey and female horse mate?

a. Mule
b. Jack
c. Jenny
d. Mare

Three - An octopus has no internal or external skeleton.How many hearts does an octopus have?

a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. One

Flax - The textile 'linen' also comes from the flax plant.Linseed Oil is harvested from what pale blue flowered plant?

a. Eucalyptus
b. River Ash
c. Flax
d. Coneflower

Giant Panda - Part of the family Ursidae, the panda is a true bear. With a diet that consists of over 99 percent bamboo, which of the following bears is native to south central China?

a. Giant Panda
b. Moon Bear
c. Cave Bear
d. Sloth Bear

Cinereous Vulture - Condors, which are slightly larger, are now generally considered unrelated to the true raptors.What is the largest extant "true" bird of prey in the world?

a. Harpy Eagle
b. Bearded Vulture
c. Eurasian Eagle Owl
d. Cinereous Vulture

Beetle - Whirligig Beetles get their name from their habit of swimming hastily in circles when distressed.With approximately 700 species worldwide, what kind of insect is a "whirligig"?

a. Spider
b. Dragonfly
c. Earwig
d. Beetle

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider - The Sydney funnel-web spider is native to eastern Australia.Capable of causing death, what is the world's most venomous spider (most toxic to humans)?

a. Redback Spider
b. Wolf spider
c. Brown Widow Spider
d. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Beaver - A beaver's home is called a lodge.The second-largest rodent in the world, what animal uses branches to dam streams and make its home?

a. Beaver
b. Rakali
c. Coypu
d. Muskrat

Sheep - The meat that comes from a sheep in its first year of life is called lamb.The meats "mutton" and "hogget" come from what animal?

a. Sheep
b. Deer
c. Cow
d. Pig

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