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What Happened First Trivia Quiz #4

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Winston Churchill - Churchill won the Nobel Prize in Literature for his numerous published works.British Prime Ministers - Which of the following Prime Ministers was in office first?

a. Harold Macmillan
b. Winston Churchill
c. Anthony Eden
d. Clement Attlee

Treaty of Versailles - The Treaty of Versailles ended the war between Germany and the Allied Powers in June of 1919.Historical Events - Which of these events happened first?

a. Treaty of Versailles
b. Ataturk Becomes President
c. USSR Formed
d. Mussolini seizes Power

Telescope - The earliest recorded telescopes appeared in the Netherlands in 1608.History of Technology - Which came first?

a. Dynamite
b. Thermometer
c. Steam Turbine
d. Telescope

Cleopatra Suicide - Some historians believe that Cleopatra did not commit suicide, but rather, she was murdered.History of the Roman Empire - Which of these events occurred first?

a. Reign of Five Good Emperors
b. Cleopatra Suicide
c. Augustus is Emperor
d. Nero Dies

X Rays discovered - Most credit German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen with the discovery of X-rays in 1895.Medical History - What occurred first?

a. X Rays discovered
b. Landsteiner discovers Blood Groups
c. First Open Heart Surgery
d. Fleming invents Penicillin

Operation Barbarossa - Starting in June of 1941, Operation Barbarossa was the codename for the invasion of the Soviet Union by the Germans.Second World War - Which battle or operation occurred the earliest?

a. Operation Barbarossa
b. Normandy Landings
c. Battle of Kursk
d. Battle of Stalingrad

Quebec - The battle started took place on December 31, 1775.Siege History - Which famous historical siege occurred the earliest?

a. Luck now
b. Quebec
c. The Alamo
d. Yorktown

Harry Truman - Truman was President of the United States from 1945 to 1953.US Presidents - Who was president before the others?

a. Harry Truman
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Richard Nixon
d. John F. Kennedy

Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln died nine hours after being shot in the head on April 15th, 1865.Historic Assassinations - Which of the following famous people was assassinated first?

a. William McKinley
b. Rasputin
c. James Garfield
d. Abraham Lincoln

Battle of Castillon - Won by the French, the Battle of Castillon ended the Hundred Years' War in 1453.Historic Battles - Which of these battles occurred first?

a. Battle of the Night of Sorrows
b. Battle of Granada
c. First Battle of St Albans
d. Battle of Castillon

American Revolutionary War - The American Revolutionary War took place from 1775 to 1783.America Conflicts - Which of these conflicts occurred before the others?

a. First Barbary War
b. American Revolutionary War
c. Quasi War
d. Northwest Indian War

Battle of Shaiba - Fought between British and Ottoman forces, the Battle of Shaiba took place in April of 1915.World War One - Which of these battles occurred first?

a. Battle of Loos
b. Battle of Lone Pine
c. Battle of Shaiba
d. Battle of Festubert

Titus - Titus was Roman emperor from 79 AD to 81 AD.Roman History - Which of these Roman Emperors reigned the earliest?

a. Nerva
b. Titus
c. Trajan
d. Domitan

Boer War - The Boer War was fought between December 1880 and March 1881.Historic Wars - Which of these major conflicts occurred the earliest?

a. Russo Japanese War
b. First Balkan War
c. Boer War
d. Mexican Revolution

Eiffel Tower Completed - The Eiffel Tower was completed on March 31, 1889.Historic Events - Which of these events happened first?

a. Eiffel Tower Completed
b. Dreyfus Affair
c. X Rays discovered
d. New Zealand Women Vote

Henry II - Henry II of England reigned from December 1154 to July 1189.British Monarchs - Of the following British Monarchs, who reigned the earliest?

a. Henry II
b. Edward I
c. Richard I
d. John

Pius XII - Pius XII papacy began in 1939 and ended in 1958.Religion - Which of the following Popes' papacies took place first?

a. Pius XII
b. Benedict XVI
c. John XXIII
d. John Paul II

Lenin - Lenin engineered the Bolshevik revolution in 1917.Soviet Union Leaders - Which of the following individuals was leader of the USSR before the others?

a. Lenin
b. Khrushchev
c. Brezhnev
d. Stalin

First Ancient Olympics - Held in honor of Zeus, the first Olympics are thought to have begun in 776 BC.Historic Events - Which historical event occurred the earliest?

a. Delian League Founded
b. Naxos Founded
c. First Persian Empire Founded
d. First Ancient Olympics

Fleming Discovers Penicillin - Fleming discovered penicillin on September 28, 1928.Medical History - What occurred first?

a. Fleming Discovers Penicillin
b. First Open Heart Surgery
c. Salk's Polio Vaccination
d. Laser Eye Surgery first used

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