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Animals and Nature Trivia Quiz II

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Okapi - The Okapi is native to the northeast Congo in Central Africa.Apart from the giraffe itself, what is the only living member of the family "Giraffidae"?

a. Llama
b. Hyena
c. Wildebeest
d. Okapi

Bird - The Canadian Loonie coin was introduced in 1987.Featured on the Canadian $1 coin, what type of creature is a "loon"?

a. Bird
b. Dog
c. Insect
d. Fish

Three - There are two rhino species that are native to Africa and three that are native to Southern Asia.How many toes does a rhinoceros have on each foot?

a. Three
b. One
c. Four
d. Two

Yak - Yaks are herd animals found throughout the Himalaya region of south Central Asia.What animal provides milk, meat and leather to herders in Mongolia?

a. Spoonbill
b. Jerboa
c. Takhi
d. Yak

Leatherjacket - Crane flies can be found worldwide.What is the young of a crane fly called?

a. Leatherman
b. Leatherjacket
c. Leatherback
d. Leatherface

George Mottershead - Chester Zoo opened to the public on June 10th, 1931.Founder of Chester Zoo, whose life was dramatised in the 2014 BBC drama "Our Zoo"?

a. George Mottershead
b. Charles Darwin
c. Peter Scott
d. David Attenborough

Maserati - Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer established in 1914.Which of these luxury car manufacturers does NOT feature an animal in their logo?

a. Maserati
b. Ferrari
c. Lamborghini
d. Porsche

Skink - Pit Vipers are venomous snakes found in Eurasia and the Americas.Which of the following is not a type of snake?

a. Copperhead
b. Coral
c. Pit Viper
d. Skink

Hawaiian goose - The Nene is the official bird of Hawaii.What type of Goose is also called a Nene?

a. Hawaiian goose
b. Chinese goose
c. Cape Barren goose
d. Greylag goose

Sharks - There are over 500 species of sharks worldwide. Which of the following animals is not a member of the genus arthropoda?

a. Sharks
b. Ants
c. Spiders
d. Scorpions

Pod - Dolphins are closely related to whales and porpoises.What is the collective noun for a group of dolphins?

a. Fleet
b. Pod
c. Herd
d. Shoal

Bats - Depending on the species, butterflies in their adult stage can live from a week to nearly a year.Some "night butterflies" have ears on their wings to help avoid which type of animal?

a. Birds
b. Other Butterflies
c. Bats
d. Moths

Mohair - A single goat can produce up to five kilograms of mohair per year.The Angora goat produces what coveted substance?

a. Gelatine
b. Mohair
c. Moleskin
d. Liver Pate

Hedgehog - Beatrix Potter authored the Tale of Peter Rabbit.In the stories of Beatrix Potter, what type of animal is Mrs Tiggy-Winkle?

a. Cat
b. Guinea pig
c. Rabbit
d. Hedgehog

Mauritius - Mauritius is an island that is located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.Before their extinction in the 17th century, dodos were native to which modern-day country?

a. Mauritius
b. Philippines
c. Madagascar
d. Seychelles

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