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Animals Trivia Quiz #6

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Panda - Giant Pandas are an endangered species. Native to south central China, what animal's diet is made up primarily of bamboo?

a. Baboon
b. Warthog
c. Eurasian lynx
d. Panda

2 and a half years - Mice in captivity live about two and a half years whereas wild mice live only about four months.What is the average life span for a lab mouse?

a. Four years
b. Six months
c. Three weeks
d. 2 and a half years

Cats - Ophidiophobia is the fear of snakes.Gatophobia is the fear of what kind of creature?

a. Bears
b. Snakes
c. Cats
d. Spiders

Jaguar - The jaguar is the only large cat native to South America.By size, the tiger is the largest cat, the lion is the second largest. Which cat is the third largest?

a. Leopard
b. Cheetah
c. Jaguar
d. Cougar

Cow - The male is referred to as a bull.What is the proper term for a female elephant?

a. Mare
b. Doe
c. Cow
d. Sow

Antarctica - Bees are native to every other continent. What is the only continent where bees do not live naturally?

a. Asia
b. Antarctica
c. North America
d. South America

14-16 - Cats are carnivores.Approximately, how many hours a day do cats normally sleep?

a. 14-16
b. 8-10
c. 2-4
d. 4-6

A deer - A doe is a female deer.If you were hunting a doe, what are you hunting?

a. A boar
b. A deer
c. A duck
d. A bear

Marlin - Marlin can swim at a speed of almost 50 mph.In a race, which of these creatures would mostly likely win?

a. Bonefish
b. Four-winged flying fish
c. Tarpon
d. Marlin

Dodo - A flightless bird, the dodo stood about a meter high.What bird was once native to the Island of Mauritius?

a. Pink-headed Duck
b. Great Auk
c. Flamingo
d. Dodo

Echidna - The echidna is native to Australia.Which of these creatures lays eggs?

a. Fruit bat
b. Mouse
c. Beluga whale
d. Echidna

3 - Two of the eyelids have lashes and the third eyelid comes from the corner of the eye. How many eyelids does a camel have?

a. 2
b. 5
c. 0
d. 3

Mosquito - Mosquitoes are responsible for the deaths of approximately 6,000,000 people every year.Which of these creatures kills the most people per year?

a. Hippopotamus
b. Mosquito
c. Great white shark
d. Crocodile

150 feet - Man-o-war tentacles have been recorded as long as 164 feet.How long can the tentacles on a Portuguese man-o-war grow?

a. 150 feet
b. 50 feet
c. 100 feet
d. 20 feet

Tuatara - Endemic to New Zealand, the average life span of a tuatara is seventy years.Which of these animals has the longest lifespan?

a. Tuatara
b. Parrot
c. Rockfish
d. Asian Elephant

Mountain Gorilla - The mountain gorilla can weigh anywhere from 300 to 425 pounds.Which of these animals is the largest by weight?

a. Mountain Gorilla
b. Orangutan
c. Baboon
d. Spider monkey

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