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Animals Trivia Quiz III

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Eucalyptus - There are more than 700 kinds of Eucalyptus trees. Mostly native to Australia, what kind of plant makes up the majority of the Koala's diet?

a. Cherry
b. Eucalyptus
c. Oak
d. Bamboo

Duck - A drake is a male duck. What kind of animal is a drake?

a. Elephant
b. Duck
c. Hyena
d. Cow

Leaping - Owls are birds of prey. There are more than 200 kinds of owls.Which of these is not a type of Owl?

a. Leaping
b. Grey
c. Leopard
d. Snowy

Bird - Auks are black and white in color.What is an Auk?

a. Bird
b. Fish
c. Frog
d. Deer

Penguin - Rockhoppers eat krill, squid and fish.What kind of bird is a "Rockhopper"?

a. Owl
b. Penguin
c. Duck
d. Flamingo

Africa - The Gnu is a wildebeest. They are members of the antelope family.Where would you find a gnu?

a. Australia
b. South America
c. Africa
d. The Arctic

Sperm whale - The sperm whale is the largest of the toothed whales. What animal is also called a cachalot?

a. Sperm whale
b. Tiger
c. Brown bear
d. Walrus

Turtle - The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle is the rarest of the sea turtles. They are critically endangered.What is a Kemp's Ridley?

a. Squirrel
b. Turtle
c. Dove
d. Deer

Whales - Krill are tiny crustaceans. They are food for whales, penguins and other fish.Which of the following animals would eat krill?

a. Snakes
b. Whales
c. Sheep
d. Lions

Tadpole - Tadpoles are also called pollywogs. What do you call a young frog?

a. Tadpole
b. Krill
c. Larva
d. Newt

Polar bear - The walrus is a large marine mammal.Which of the following animals might attack a walrus?

a. Jaguar
b. King cobra
c. Gorilla
d. Polar bear

Butterfly - Large skippers are found all over Europe.What kind of animal is a Large Skipper?

a. Bird
b. Snake
c. Frog
d. Butterfly

Chital - The chital is also known as a spotted deer.Which of these animals is not a carnivore?

a. Chital
b. Garter snake
c. Snowy Owl
d. American Bull Frog

Eagle - Bald Eagles are not bald. They have white feathers on their head.Which of these birds would have a wing span of over 80 inches?

a. Eagle
b. Chickadee
c. Robin
d. Swallow

Adder - There are many kinds of Adders including the death adder, the deaf adder and the night adder.Which one of these snakes would you find on land?

a. Adder
b. Kloss
c. Stoke's
d. Olive Headed

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