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2018 Movie Trivia Questions

2018 Movie Trivia Questions

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A Quiet Place - The film is about a family that lives life in silence while hiding from creatures which hunt by sound.What 2018 film features the actor John Krasinski starring alongside his real-life wife Emily Blunt?

a. A Quiet Place
b. Leave No Trace
c. Blockers
d. Annihilation

Ready Player One - Ready Player One was directed by Steven Spielberg.In what 2018 sci-fi film do we see much of humanity using a virtual reality software program named "OASIS" in an effort to escape the bleakness of the real world?

a. Unsane
b. Ready Player One
c. Game Night
d. Upgrade

Ocean's 8 - Featuring a superstar cast, Ocean's 8 follows a group of women who plan a highly sophisticated heist. What 2018 heist comedy film is a continuation of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's trilogy?

a. Ocean's 6
b. Ocean's 7
c. Ocean's 5
d. Ocean's 8

Mary Shelley - The film was originally titled 'A Storm in the Stars'.Based on true events, what biopic film tells the story of a woman who would change English literature forever with her novel, Frankenstein?

a. Mary Shelley
b. Virginia Woolf
c. Emily Bronte
d. Jane Austen

Peter Rabbit - James Corden voices Peter Rabbit.Directed by Will Gluck, what 2018 part live-action, part computer-animated, comedy film is based on stories by Beatrix Potter?

a. Peter Rabbit
b. White Fang
c. Duck Duck Goose
d. Christopher Robin

Alden Ehrenreich - Directed by Ron Howard, the film is the second in the Star Wars anthology series.Who plays the role of Han Solo in the 2018 space film Solo - A Star Wars Story?

a. Alden Ehrenreich
b. Donald Glover
c. Woody Harrelson
d. Harrison Ford

Red Sparrow - Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of Dominika Egorova in the film.What 2018 film tells the story of a Russian intelligence officer who is instructed to make contact with a CIA agent with the purpose of revealing the identity of a spy?

a. The First Purge
b. Red Sparrow
c. TAG
d. Leave No Trace

Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse - The film stars Shameik Moore as Morales.In this 2018 Spider-Man film we see "Miles Morales" take on the role of one of many Spider-Men.

a. Spider-Man Strikes Back
b. Spider-Man the Dragon's Challenge
c. Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse
d. Spider-Man Homecoming

Mission Impossible - Fallout - Mission Impossible - Fallout was produced and directed by Christopher McQuarrie.What 2018 film stars Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, Henry Cavill as August Walker and Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust?

a. Mission Impossible - Fallout
b. Rampage
c. The Meg
d. Annihilation

A Wrinkle in Time - A Wrinkle in Time is based on the 1962 homonymous novel by Madeleine L'Engle.This 2018 film follows a young girl who, with the aid of three celestial travelers, sets off on a journey to find her missing father.

a. Adrift
b. Hearts Beat Loud
c. A Wrinkle in Time
d. Alita Battle Angel

Deadpool 2  - Deadpool 2 debuted at Leicester Square in London on May 10th, 2018.Zazie Beetz plays the role of Domino in this 2018 American superhero film. Can you name it?

a. Deadpool 2
b. Avengers Infinity War
c. Aquaman
d. Black Panther

Fifty Shades Freed - Fifty Shades Freed is the third and final installment in the Fifty Shades film series.Which of the following 2018 films is based on a book that was written by E. L. James?

a. Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindelwald
b. The Meg
c. Fifty Shades Freed
d. Eighth Grade

Tomb Raider - Tomb Raider has received mixed reviews from critics with some claiming the plot is simply a paint-by-number.What 2018 action-adventure film stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft?

a. The Predator
b. Rampage
c. Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom
d. Tomb Raider

Margot Kidder - Kidder played the role of Kathy Lutz in the 1979 horror film The Amityville Horror.Known for her role as Lois Lane in the Superman film series, who died at the age of 69 on May 13th, 2018?

a. Cameron Diaz
b. Margot Kidder
c. Demi Moore
d. Sharon Stone

Tully - Tully stars Charlize Theron as Marlo and Mackenzie Davis as Tully.What 2018 comedy-drama film follows the friendship between a struggling mother of three kids and her nanny?

a. Tully
b. Hearts Beat Loud
c. Sorry to Bother You
d. Won't You Be My Neighbor?

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