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Dog - The English word dog comes from Middle English dogge."Canis lupus familiaris" is the scientific name for which common animal?

a. Cat
b. Mouse
c. Cow
d. Dog

Stomach - Lobsters have 10 walking legs.A lobster's teeth are located in which part of its body?

a. Stomach
b. Mouth
c. Legs
d. Claws

Three - There are approximately 300 different species of octopus.With no internal or external skeleton, how many hearts does an octopus have?

a. None
b. One
c. Two
d. Three

Capuchin - Capuchin monkeys are native to Central and South America.In the TV series "Friends," what type of monkey does Ross have as a pet?

a. Tamarin
b. Capuchin
c. Squirrel Monkey
d. Bonobo

Grey - Although the behaviour is not fully understood, flamingos often stand on one leg.What colour are flamingos when they are born?

a. White
b. Pink
c. Grey
d. Blue

Pup - The gestation period for seals typically lasts a year.What is an infant seal called?

a. Cub
b. Pup
c. Calf
d. Babe

Dog - Cujo was published in 1981 and made into a film in 1983.Written by Stephen King, what type of animal is "Cujo" in the book of the same name?

a. Dog
b. Horse
c. Cat
d. Rabbit

Chimpanzees - Goodall studied the social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees for 55 years in Tanzania.Zoologist Jane Goodall was a pioneer in the study of which animal species?

a. Chimpanzees
b. Tigers
c. Gorillas
d. Lions

Arctic Fox - The arctic fox is also known as the white fox, polar fox or snow fox.Which predator often follows the polar bear, feeding on abandoned carcasses that the polar bear leaves behind?

a. Snow Bunting
b. Northern Fulmar
c. Blacklegged Kittiwake
d. Arctic Fox

Brown Bear - Brown bears can weigh up to 1,400 lb.Which mammal has the scientific name "Ursus Arctos"?

a. Kodiak Bear
b. Grizzly Bear
c. Brown Bear
d. Polar Bear

Mary Plain - Making her debut in the book Which fictional bear lived in a bear pit in Berne, Switzerland?

a. Bobby Bear
b. Mary Plain
c. Buffy the Bear
d. Brier Bear

Gerbil - Gerbils are social animals and live in groups in the wild.Which animal is also known as a "Sand Rat" or "Desert Kangaroo"?

a. Hamster
b. Shrew
c. Gerbil
d. Vole

Keratin - Bought and sold on the black market, Rhinoceros are routinely killed for their horns.The horn of a rhinoceros is made of which material?

a. Keratin
b. Skin
c. Bone
d. Cartilage

Mauritius - The dodo was about 3.3 feet tall and weighed somewhere between 25 to 50 pounds.The extinct flightless bird "dodo" was principally native to which island?

a. Zanzibar
b. Mauritius
c. Madagascar
d. Tasmania

Hyenas - Produced by Walt Disney, the Lion King was released in 1994.In the film, "The Lion King," what kind of animals are Banzai, Ed and Shenzi?

a. Lions
b. Hyenas
c. Warthogs
d. Wolves

4 - Four legs, four knees.How many knees does an elephant have?

a. 0
b. 8
c. 2
d. 4

1,600 - The panda is native to south central China.As of December 2014, how many giant panda's are estimated to be in the wild?

a. 1,600
b. 160
c. 16
d. 16,000

Butterflies - Depending on the species, adult butterflies can live from one week to almost a year.A "Lepidopterist" is someone who studies which type of animal?

a. Butterflies
b. Birds
c. Fish
d. Ants

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