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Science Trivia Questions XVI

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Thallium - This soft grey metal's name comes from the Greek for 'young shoot' and properties are so odd that it's called the platypus of elements. The CIA is believed to have targeted Fidel Castro with this toxic element, also used as a murder weapon in Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse. What is this 81st element?

       a. Cadmium
       b. Thallium
       c. Arsenic
       d. Mercury

Asimo - The humanoid Asimo (short for Advanced Step-in Innovative Mobility), which mostly walked around, including up and down stairs.Honda built the first humanoid robot capable of walking, calling the process "advanced step-in mobility". But what did they name the robot?

       a. Grio
       b. Asimo
       c. Aibo
       d. Kismet

Inuit (Eskimos) - She rules over Adlivun, the Inuit Underworld.In 2004, a potential tenth planet was named Sedna, for a sea goddess in whose legends?

       a. Inuit (Eskimos)
       b. Mayans
       c. Vikings
       d. Celtic

Samuel Langley - In 1896, the Smithsonian's Stanley Pierpont Langley flew the steam-powered aerodrome, for the first sustained flight in a mechanically propelled heavier-than-air craft, which crashed into the water.The year the Wright brothers actually flew, they kept it quiet, because newspapers were laughing at whose failed attempts?

       a. Tennessee Williams
       b. Samuel Langley
       c. Henry Ford
       d. Thomas Edison

English Channel - This was also the first international flight.In 1909, Louis Bleriot won £1000 for being the first person to fly across what body of water?

       a. English Channel
       b. Lake Superior
       c. Atlantic Ocean
       d. Mediterranean Sea

It stays in motion - The law of inertia holds that an object moving in a straight line will continue to move in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force, and that an object at rest will stay at rest unless a force moves it.According to Isaac Newton's first law of motion, what happens to a body in motion, thanks to inertia?

       a. It slows down
       b. It speeds up
       c. It stays in motion
       d. It stops

A galaxy - It contains smaller galaxies that it has devoured.Based on its Messier number, Andromeda is known scientifically as M31. What is it?

       a. A star
       b. A constellation
       c. A galaxy
       d. An asteroid

Silver - It also has the highest electrical conductivity.In its pure form, what metal has the highest thermal conductivity, highest optical reflectivity and lowest contact resistance?

       a. Copper
       b. Aluminum
       c. Silver
       d. Graphite

Altair-8800 - The January 1975 issues of Popular Electronics announced Roberts' MITS Altair 8800 kit, which cost $350.Based in New Mexico, Ed Roberts sold kits for what is called the first PC, even though you had to build it yourself. What was it?

       a. Apple II
       b. TRS-80
       c. Altair-8800
       d. Commodore 64

Determining longitude - The £20,000 Longitude Prize was offered to the first person to figure out longitude within 30 nautical miles.John Harrison, a barely educated craftsman, invented a H-4 chronometer that beat out London's smartest scientists to win a £20,000 prize for doing something. What?

       a. Determining longitude
       b. Setting standard time
       c. Dating fossils
       d. Calculating the speed of light

Coney Island - Robert Moses closed the Often called the first roller coaster, the Gravity Pleasure Switchback Railway rocketed along at 6 mph, and was built by a preacher named LeMarcus Thompson to keep people away from what location's beer halls?

       a. Coney Island
       b. Las Vegas
       c. Atlantic City
       d. Fort Lauderdale

Tail - A plane has landing gear (the undercarriage), a tail (the empennage), wings, fuselage (the body) and an engine.Where would you find a plane's empennage?

       a. Underneath it
       b. Tail
       c. Wings
       d. Cockpit

1700s - The pair were in the business of papermaking.In what century did the Montgolfier brothers make their famous balloon ride over Paris?

       a. 1500s
       b. 1600s
       c. 1700s
       d. 1900s

Prussian blue - Prussian blue is made of potash, iron and animal by-products.Al Stewart sold ferric hexacyanoferrate, which people added to their laundry to combat yellowing. What is this chemical?

       a. Danish red
       b. American white
       c. Prussian blue
       d. Asian yellow

During a solar eclipse - They appear when sunlight shines through lunar valleys.When are astronomers likely to observe a peculiar phenomenon called Baily's beads?

       a. During a solar eclipse
       b. During a supernova
       c. During the landing of a Martian probe
       d. During the Northern Lights

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