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Science Trivia Questions VI

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Stephen Hawking - That may be why, in 2005, he updated the book with 'A Briefer History of Time'.Whose 1988 book, "A Brief History of Time", sold 729,000 copies, about 728,000 of which were probably never read?

       a. Richard Feynman
       b. Carl Sagan
       c. Stephen Hawking
       d. Albert Einstein

Two - The number 1 is neither a prime nor a composite, but every other integer is either a prime number or a composite number. What is the only even prime number?

       a. One
       b. Zero
       c. Two
       d. Ten

Cold fusion - They were working with palladium's ability to wolf down hydrogen.In 1989, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann claimed to have produced what frigid phenomenon?

       a. A solution to Fermat's Theorem
       b. Superconductivity
       c. Cold fusion
       d. Cloning

Clouds - Howard became known as the Father of Meteorology.Although the Askesian Society was best known for sniffing laughing gas, it was here that English pharmacist Luke Howard presented his scheme for dividing what meteorological phenomenon into stratus, cumulus and cirrus?

       a. Rainbows
       b. Raindrops
       c. Clouds
       d. Hurricanes

EYEV - The name can also be spelled Mendeleev.What letters do you add to the name of an Austrian geneticist to get the name of the Russian chemist who designed the periodic table?

       a. EYEV
       b. OSKY
       c. IMOV
       d. CHEV

China - It made Lt Col Yang Li-wei its first taikonaut, sending him aloft on Shenzhou 5 (You know astronauts and cosmonauts. But what country was the third in space when it launched its taikonauts?

       a. India
       b. China
       c. Japan
       d. Taikoland

Scorpius - The scorpion had killed Orion in Greek myth.Sagittarius is aiming at the constellation that killed Orion. That constellation's brightest star is a red supergiant called Antares. What is it?

       a. Scorpius
       b. Ursa Major
       c. Perseus
       d. Taurus

Phosphorus - The artificial manufacture of urea, found in urine, broke down the distinction between organic and inorganic chemistry, as it showed you could make 'natural' products.Alchemist Henning Brandt is the first person known to have discovered an element. And he found it because he was fascinated with human urine. What is it?

       a. Phosphorus
       b. Sulfur
       c. Arsenic
       d. Methane

The amperes - What kills you is the current moving through your body. The human body has a resistance of about a half million ohms and Old Sparky only delivers a 2000-volt shock, so they reduce your resistance to 5000 ohms by giving you electrodes soaked in salt water. If you were being electrocuted, what exactly would kill you?

       a. The amperes
       b. The coulombs
       c. The ohms
       d. The volts

11 minutes - A minute ago, we discovered agriculture, 20 seconds ago we moved into cities, and 1.5 seconds ago, the French and Americans had their revolutions. It wasn't until July that the atmosphere was even breathable. It wasn't until November that anything other than microscopic organisms lived here and later that month, we had the first fish. A week later, we had plants on land. Over the next days, we were introduced to insects, amphibians, forests and reptiles. On December 16, dinosaurs first walked the Earth, while the first mammals appeared on the 17th.Imagine that it's midnight on December 31 and that the entire Earth was created just one year ago. On this time scale, how long have humans been on earth?

       a. 2 weeks
       b. 3 days
       c. 11 minutes
       d. Four months

Blaise Pascal - The first known appearance of the roulette wheel was in Bordeaux in 1716.What French mathematician and amateur theologian is said to have invented the roulette wheel en route to the perpetual motion machine?

       a. Blaise Pascal
       b. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
       c. Voltaire
       d. Antoine Lavoisier

Active ingredient in marijuana - The horrible smell of flatulence comes from several sulfur compounds, particularly mercaptans.Which of the following isn't true of organic sulfur compounds called thiols or mercaptans?

       a. Responsible for the smell of skunk spray
       b. Part of the aroma of garlic and coffee
       c. Active ingredient in marijuana
       d. Used so you can smell natural gas

The source of dark matter - We know there is more matter than we know about, given the balance between kinetic energy (from the Big Bang) and gravitational attraction (among the objects in the universe). Who says astronomers can't have a sense of humor? Massive astrophysical compact halo objects and weakly interacting massive particles may sound dull, but MACHOs and WIMPs may explain which intergalactic mystery?

       a. The source of dark matter
       b. The fate of black holes
       c. The edge of the universe
       d. Whether particle physicists or astrophysicists are more manly

Alexander Graham Bell - Considerable monkey business afterward suggests that Bell used contacts in the patent office to displace Gray's claim. Two people filed patents for the same invention on the same Valentine's Day in 1876. Who beat Elisha Gray by just hours?

       a. George Westinghouse
       b. Alexander Graham Bell
       c. Thomas Edison
       d. Robert Fulton

An arrow - Its brightest star is the point of the arrow.The constellation Sagittarius might have use for a constellation called Sagitta. What is Sagitta?

       a. An arrow
       b. A chariot
       c. A target
       d. A shield

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