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Science Trivia Questions II

General Science Trivia Quiz

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Thomas Edison - Edison also invented the light bulb.Who invented the Movie Projector?

Motorola - Motorola currently produces the Droid and Droid X phones.What company was the first to patent the cell phone?

Amp - Amp is short for Ampere.What is the basic unit used to measure electric current?

Carbon - Graphite is commonly used for pencils.Graphite is composed of what element?

Tetanus - Tetanus is caused by a bacterial infection.Lockjaw is the common name for what medical condition?

Ligaments - Ligaments connect bones to other bones to form joints.In the human body, what connects bones to other bones?

Brain - Mad Cow Disease is also known as BSE.What organ is affected by Mad Cow disease in humans?

Nitrous Oxide - Laughing Gas has a chemical formula of N2O.Laughing Gas is known by what scientific name?

Barometer - A Barometer uses water, air, or mercury to measure atmospheric pressure.What device measures atmospheric pressure?

3M - The original Scotchguard formula was discovered by accident in 1952.Scotchguard is a registered trademark of what company?

Earth - The Earth has a solid iron inner core.What object travels through space at 66,700 miles per hour?

Cabbage - Broccoli originated in Europe.Broccoli belongs to what family of vegetables

Hippopotamus - The Hippo is the second heaviest land mammal.What large animals name translates literally as "Water Horse"?

Nitrogen - Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7.What element makes up 80 percent of earth's atmosphere?

The Leaves - A de-cocainized extract of coca leaf is one of the flavoring ingredients in Coca-Cola.What part of a coca plant is cocaine from?

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