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Science Trivia Questions V

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Pi - It was called the Ludolphine number in his honor.In the 1500s, fencing master Ludolf van Ceulen became obsessed with which irrational, transcendental number?

A - In 2006, Peter Shann Ford claimed to have found the 'a' buried in the waveform of the transmission but since then it's become clear that it's not there. It's almost certain that when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he flubbed his big line. What word did he leave out of the famous phrase, "That's one small step for [?] man, one giant leap for mankind"?

Quark - The Joyce line was, In 1964, what did Murray Gell-Mann and Fred Zweig name for a word from James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake"?

Add it and cream to your coffee - It is table sugar.What are you most likely to do with C12 H22 O11?

Abraham Lincoln - The patent was for a 'Manner of Buoying Vessels.'On May 22, 1849, who received patent #6469 for a never-manufactured device that used inflatable chambers to lift steamboats over shoals?

20-20 vision - Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen created the chart in 1862. The letters are called optotypes.The crucial line 8 of a Snellan chart reads DEFPOTEC. What is the Snellen chart used to test?

Aspirin - Some argue that credit actually belongs to Hoffman's supervisor, Arthur Eichengrun, but that he was cheated of it because he was Jewish.What 1899 discovery is credited to Bayer chemist Felix Hoffmann, although Rev. Edward Stone had worked with willow bark back in 1763?

A perfect baby - The Apgar Score was devised in 1952 and is now based on Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration.If you scored 10 out of 10 on the Apgar scale, named for anesthesiologist Virginia Apgar, what would you be?

Hair - The two words refer to hair going gray and to it falling out.As you age, what part of your body will be affected by poliosis and maybe even alopecia, especially if you're a man?

Jules Leotard - The original 'daring young man on the flying trapeze' was Jules Leotard and he made his debut at the Cirque Napoleon in Paris.In the 1800s, what inventor of the flying trapeze created the tight-fitting garment now named for him and urged men to "put on a more natural garb, which does not hide your best features"?

Hypotenuse - The hypotenuse is always opposite the right angle.The longest side of a right-angled triangle is called?

Louis Pasteur - He is best known for creating the process that came to be called pasteurization.Who created the first vaccine for rabies?

The Eye - A hurricane is also referred to as a tropical cyclone.The center area of a hurricane is called?

Pancreas - The pancreas is a dual-function gland.The organ that is responsible for producing insulin in the human body is called?

Tungsten - Tungsten is also known as wolfram.The metal filaments that are found in a light bulb are made from what?

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