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Kids Trivia Questions #27

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Donald Duck - This was established during an episode when a picture of his draft card was shown.Which character's middle name is Fauntleroy?

a. Donald Duck
b. Elmer Fudd
c. Willie Wonka
d. Superman

Jim Hensen - Jim Hensen created the Muppets.Who created the character Big Bird?

a. Don Bluth
b. Jim Hensen
c. Walt Disney
d. James Warner

Mexico City - Lima is the capital of Peru.What is the capital of Mexico?

a. Caracas
b. Carson
c. Mexico City
d. Lima

Europe - Paris is the capital of France.On which continent would you find the country of France?

a. North America
b. Europe
c. South America
d. Asia

Green  - Emeralds are a precious gemstone.Rubies are red (my love) and sapphires are blue, but what color are emeralds?

a. Purple
b. Yellow
c. Orange
d. Green

Honest Abe - Andrew Jackson was known as Old Hickory.Which nickname was given to President Lincoln?

a. Old Hickory
b. Fabulous
c. The Fox
d. Honest Abe

Dalmatian - Dalmatians can also have liver colored spots.Which of these dogs would have black spots?

a. Dalmatian
b. Poodle
c. Cocker Spaniel
d. German Shepherd

February - During leap years, February has 29 days.Which of these months is the shortest?

a. August
b. February
c. April
d. May

Beach Boys - The Beach Boys were formed in Hawthorne, California.Which famous band wished they all could be "California Girls"?

a. Styx
b. Supertramp
c. AC/DC
d. Beach Boys

Fencing - You might also hear the terms dry, lame and lunge.In which sport would you hear the terms attack, en garde and epee?

a. Hockey
b. Boxing
c. Fencing
d. Sailing

Milky Way - Milky Way is a distributed by the Mars Candy Company.Which Candy bar used the slogan "Comfort in every bar"?

a. Milky Way
b. Cookies and Cream
c. Mars
d. Snickers

Superman - Superman was created by Jerry Siegel.Which superhero comes from the planet Krypton?

a. Superman
b. Spiderman
c. The Hulk
d. Wolverine

Koala - There is also a beetle, a bronco, a jaguar and a cheetah.Which of these is not a kind of car?

a. Koala
b. Mustang
c. Bison
d. Cobra

McDonalds - You could also get a McChicken and a Big Mac.At which fast food chain could you get a quarter pounder?

a. McDonalds
b. Burger King
c. Subway
d. A and W

Football - American football has four downs, Canadian football has only three.Which sport uses the terms huddle, quarterback and blocker?

a. Football
b. Soccer
c. Tennis
d. Golf

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