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Kids Trivia Questions XV

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In the ocean - The word mollusc is actually a term, which means shellfish.Where would you find a mollusc?

       a. In the sky
       b. In the desert
       c. In the ocean
       d. In the human body

Vitamin R - Vitamin C comes from fruits.Which of these is not an actual vitamin?

       a. Vitamin R
       b. Vitamin B
       c. Vitamin C
       d. Vitamin K

Persian - Persians come in all different colors and are longhaired.Which of these cat breeds does not have spots?

       a. Persian
       b. Ocicat
       c. Bengal
       d. Spangled Cat

Paris - Montreal is a city in Canada.What is the capital of France?

       a. Paris
       b. Madrid
       c. Montreal
       d. Moscow

Basketball - Magic Johnson played basketball for the Lakers.What sport did Magic Johnson participate in?

       a. Football
       b. Hockey
       c. Basketball
       d. Tennis

2 - Mars has two small moons, Phobos and Deimos.How many moons does the planet Mars have?

       a. 2
       b. None
       c. 18
       d. 7

The Dish - This comes from the famous rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle.According to the nursery rhyme, who ran away with the spoon?

       a. The Dish
       b. The fork
       c. The knife
       d. The cup

Africa - Egypt is in North Africa.On which continent would you find the country of Egypt?

       a. South America
       b. Africa
       c. Europe
       d. Asia

6 - In a game of beach volleyball, there are two players on each side.In an indoor game of volleyball, how many players are on one side of the court?

       a. 6
       b. 9
       c. 20
       d. 24

Orange - Yams are also called sweet potatoes.What color are the insides of a yam?

       a. Green
       b. Pink
       c. Orange
       d. Black

Toronto - The CN tower was the tallest building in the world for many years.If you wanted to see the CN tower, where would you go?

       a. Paris
       b. Montreal
       c. Toronto
       d. Washington D.C.

Water - People often build dams to harness the power from waterfalls.What do people use to create hydropower?

       a. The sun
       b. The wind
       c. Water
       d. The earth's heat or core

Candles - A Farrier would have made horseshoes.In times gone by, what did a chandler make?

       a. Chocolate
       b. Horse shoes
       c. Candles
       d. Clothes

Sea horse - The male seahorse has the pouch.Which of these creatures carries their young in a pouch?

       a. Sea horse
       b. Starfish
       c. Octopus
       d. Squid

The Atlantic - The Atlantic is an ocean. Which of these is not a sea?

       a. The Atlantic
       b. The Dead
       c. The Red
       d. Bering

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