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Kids Movie Trivia Questions IV

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Monkey - Will Ferrell plays the part of the man with the yellow hat.In 2006 film "Curious George", what kind of animal is George?

a. Lion
b. Mouse
c. Monkey
d. Cat

Roddy - Roddy is an uptown mouse.What is the name of the character that gets flushed away in the movie "Flushed Away"?

a. Herman
b. Roddy
c. Toad
d. Fred

Walking Stick - Slim is a walking stick insect.What kind of bug is Slim in the movie a "Bug's Life"?

a. Ant
b. Walking Stick
c. Ladybug
d. Grasshopper

Rio - Rio was directed by Carlos Saldanha.In which movie would you see the characters Blu and Jewel?

a. How to Train a Dragon
b. Rio
c. Tangled
d. Bolt

A ray - Nemo is a clown fish.What kind of fish is the teacher in the film "Finding Nemo"?

a. A shark
b. A ray
c. An eel
d. A tuna

Ice Age - The main characters in the film include a woolly mammoth, a sloth and a sabre-tooth tiger."Sub-Zero Heroes" is the sequel to which film?

a. The Penguin and the Pebble
b. The Fox and the Hound
c. Happy Feet
d. Ice Age

New York - The animals in this film escape from the zoo.Where is the zoo located in the film "Madagascar"?

a. Paris
b. London
c. Tokyo
d. New York

Bear - Boog makes friends with a deer.In the movie "Open Season", what kind of animal is Boog?

a. Chipmunk
b. Bear
c. Canada Goose
d. Beaver

Horton Heard a Who - Horton is an elephant who finds a whole world on a speck.The line "After all a person is a person, no matter how small" is from which movie?

a. Finding Nemo
b. Bambi
c. Antz
d. Horton Heard a Who

A bear - RJ is caught stealing food and then loses the food and the wagon carrying it.In the film "Over the Hedge", who does RJ steal food from?

a. A bear
b. A wolf
c. A badger
d. A snake

New York - The turtles live in the sewers beneath the city.In which city would you find the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"?

a. New York
b. Las Vegas
c. London
d. Paris

Boo Peep - Woody is Andy's Favorite toy.What is the name of Woody's girlfriend in the first "Toy Story" movie?

a. Barbie
b. Strawberry Shortcake
c. Boo Peep
d. Dora

Skunk - Thumper is the name of the bunny.What kind of animal is the character Flower in the movie "Bambi"?

a. Chipmunk
b. Moose
c. Rabbit
d. Skunk

Zozi - Ivan is the Prince in this classic movie.Who travels with Bartok?

a. Ivan
b. Baba Yaga
c. Piloff
d. Zozi

Russia - Anastasia is the long lost princess, her family name is Romanov.What county is Anastasia from?

a. Germany
b. Russia
c. Switzerland
d. Poland

Kevin - Kevin is actually a girl.What is the name of the rare bird in the movie "Up"?

a. Frank
b. Kevin
c. Bruce
d. Mark

Lizard - Rango gets lost in the desert.What kind of animal is Rango?

a. Turtle
b. Frog
c. Bird
d. Lizard

Black Cat - Coraline finds a small door in her home that leads to the 'Other World'.Who helps Coraline in the movie "Coraline"?

a. Dragon
b. Monkey
c. Black Cat
d. Lion

They are turned into pigs - The story is about a young girl who is transported to another world.In the film "Spirited Away", what happens to her parents?

a. The die in a car crash
b. They leave on a cruise
c. They go to jail
d. They are turned into pigs

A cat - Kiki runs an air carrier service.In the film "Kiki's Delivery Service", who flies with Kiki on her broom?

a. An owl
b. A sloth
c. A mouse
d. A cat

Sally Stitches - This movie was directed by Tim Burton.Who falls in love with Jack in the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas"?

a. Sally Stitches
b. Anna
c. Lock
d. Oogie Boogie

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