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Hank - We learn this when Buffy introduces him to Giles in 'Nightmares'.What is Buffy's dad's first name?

a. Mike
b. Hank
c. Paul
d. Bill/William

Willow - She tells Willow, which leads Willow to meet a guy that just happens to be a vampire.Buffy gives who the advice "seize the moment?"

a. Willow
b. Joyce
c. Xander
d. Darla

David Boreanaz - Angel is a unique type of vampire. He was cursed with a soul, which makes him a good guy!Who plays Angel/Angellus?

a. Rupert Peg
b. Nicholas Brendon
c. Anthony Head
d. David Boreanaz

Tarantulas - He had been having nightmares of the same thing happening for years, ever since all of his spiders died after a camping trip.What creatures come out of Wendall's book?

a. Birds
b. Bees
c. Tarantulas
d. Frogs

Electrocute her - He sets her up, but tells her at the last second, saving her life.Under Moloch's direction, what does Dave try to do to Buffy?

a. Stab her
b. Hang her
c. Kiss her
d. Electrocute her

The FBI - The FBI takes her to an school where they teach all of the invisible people how to be 'useful members of society'.Who steps in to take Marcie away?

a. Angel
b. Sunnydale Police Department
c. Vampires
d. The FBI

A home for demons - He says the earth is much older than anyone knows and it did not begin as a paradise as the Bible says.According to Giles, the earth began as what type of place?

a. A home for demons
b. A wasteland
c. A paradise
d. A land for mortals

Dr. Gregory - She loved him because he believed in her. He understood that she had had a rough time at Sunnydale so far, but he encouraged her to do her best and show people what she was really made of.What was Buffy's biology teacher's name?

a. Dr. Paulson
b. Mr. Smith
c. Dr. Gregory
d. Mr. Herring

Merrick - Her current watcher, however, is Rupert Giles.What is the name of Buffy's first watcher?

a. Signer
b. Wilford
c. Merrick
d. Giles

Angel - He gives it to her when he first tells her about the Harvest.Who gives Buffy a cross necklace?

a. Spike
b. Angel
c. Cordelia
d. Giles

Bob - 'All the students are free to call me Bob.' 'Bob...' 'But they don't.' This is the conversation Buffy and Flutie had when they first met!What was principal Flutie's first name?

a. Steve
b. Ralph
c. Roy
d. Bob

Her nail polish - Buffy passes Cordy's 'coolness test' so Buffy is allowed to be friends with her. Luckily, Buffy doesn't take her up on it.What of Buffy's does Cordelia say is "over?"

a. Her hairstyle
b. Her nail polish
c. Her earrings
d. Her shoes

Marcie Ross - She became invisible because she was ignored by everyone in her life.What was the name of the invisible girl?

a. Meg Stevens
b. Marcia Craig
c. Marcie Ross
d. Melody Rose

The Codex - Angel brings Giles the Codex. It has more complete prophecies than any other book.What book does Giles need that Angel can get for him?

a. Demon's Bible
b. The Slayer Chronicles
c. The testimonies of Gray
d. The Codex

Mark - He poses as a magician in the talent show to get the organs he needs from the other students in the show.What is the name of the organ stealing demon?

a. Dustin
b. Chris
c. Steve
d. Mark

Cheerleading - She was a cheerleader at her old school in L.A.What sport/activity does Buffy try out for?

a. Tennis
b. Basketball
c. Cheerleading
d. Dance Squad

Willow - Willow comes up with it to describe what they do to help Buffy. They always want to help, but they are usually researchers instead of the muscle behind the slaying.Who coins the phrase Slayerettes?

a. Angel
b. Willow
c. Xander
d. Buffy

Julie Benz - All four of these ladies star in the series, but Julie plays Darla in Buffy and in the spinoff, Angel.Who plays Darla?

a. Michelle Trachtenberg
b. Alyson Hanigan
c. Julie Benz
d. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Praying Mantis - She was doubling as a teacher to find male students to make 'model' eggsacks. Really she was trying to find her next male victim.Ms. French was a substitute Biology teacher, but she was also an insect. Which kind?

a. Grasshopper
b. Carpenter Bee
c. Fire Ant
d. Praying Mantis

Jesse - He was turned into a vampire by Darla in the first episode.Who is Xander's best male friend that appears only in the first episode?

a. Jaime
b. Jason
c. Mickey
d. Jesse

Sunnydale, California - She was originally from Los Angeles, but moved to Sunnydale when her mom got a new job.What town does Buffy move to / where does the show take place?

a. Hemery, California
b. Sacramento, California
c. Sunnydale, California
d. Los Angeles, California

Darla - She is not only the first vampire we see, but she is also one of the first characters we see in season one. She feeds on a male teenager before the credits even start.Who is the first vampire we see in season 1?

a. Spike
b. Angel
c. Darla
d. Jesse

History - She meets Cordelia in her first class, History.What is Buffy's first class?

a. Art
b. English
c. History
d. Biology

Fumigation Party - They had a fumigation party, yearly. Free drinks for a dead cockroach.What party did the Bronze have in which they closed for several days, annually?

a. Christmas Party
b. Halloween Party
c. Fumigation Party
d. Star Alignment Party

Malcolm - She met him online and he turned out to be a demon.What was Willow's "boyfriend's" name?

a. Malcolm
b. Max
c. Mark
d. Martin

Principal Snyder - Flutie was fairly kind and involved with the students, but Snyder is mean and hates children.Who replaces Bob Flutie as principal of Sunnydale High?

a. Principal Smith
b. Principal Stared
c. Principal Windom-Price
d. Principal Snyder

Being in front of class in his underwear - He also had nightmares about a clown with a knife! He was attacked by said clown in the same episode.What was Xander's nightmare in "Nightmares?"

a. Singing in front of a sold out crowd
b. Drowning in the bathtub
c. Getting stuck in the elevator
d. Being in front of class in his underwear

A baseball bat - He was attacked with a 'possessed' baseball bat. It turns out, however, that he was actually attacked by an invisible girl.What was Mitch attacked with in the locker room?

a. A crowbar
b. A knife
c. A whip
d. A baseball bat

Cordelia - Cordelia drives up to them and gets them into her car, she then drives them through the school and into the library!Who saves Ms. Calendar and Willow in the school parking lot while they are on their way to Spring Fling to warn the school of the Master's rising?

a. Buffy
b. Giles
c. Angel
d. Cordelia

She burned down the gym - She was kicked out for burning down the gym. It was full of vampires and she used the covered story, 'It was filled with asbestos'.Why did Buffy get kicked out of Hemery High?

a. She burned down the gym
b. She was failing her classes
c. She was drinking in class
d. She started a brawl with the soccer team

Piano - We learn this when the gang is trying to figure out what to do for the talent show, since they are being forced to participate.What instrument can Willow play?

a. Piano
b. Cello
c. Guitar
d. Flute

19 - The 'ugly man' called Billy lucky 19. That was the number on his baseball jersey.What was Billy's lucky number?

a. 3
b. 13
c. 19
d. 15

Harmony - She is pushed by someone who doesn't seem to be there. Buffy only realizes that someone was there when she hears her laugh.Who is pushed down the stairs in "Out of mind, out of sight?"

a. Cordelia
b. Mitch
c. Buffy
d. Harmony

LaVelle - He tells Ms. French his middle name. 'Forgiveness is my middle name. Well, actually, it's Lavelle but I would appreciate it if you didn't mention that to anyone.'What is Xander's middle name?

a. Leighton
b. Lawrence
c. LaVelle
d. Michael

Luke - He is unbelievably strong, but Buffy eventually bests him and stops the Harvest.Who is The master's head man?

a. Luke
b. Thomas
c. Steve
d. Curt

Jesse - He was meant to be an offering, but instead is turned and used as bait.Who is the first mortal we see that is turned into a vampire?

a. Spike
b. Blake
c. Jesse
d. Angel

Computer/hacker - She is super smart and is often found hacking into a database or doing research for the group.What part does Willow play of the gang?

a. Muscle/brawn
b. Jokester/caretaker
c. Advice/caregiver
d. Computer/hacker

White - Her mother buys it to surprise her! She wears it to fight the master and even he compliments the dress!What color is Buffy's Spring Fling dress?

a. Orange
b. Blue
c. Burgundy
d. White

Owen - It didn't work out, because Owen accompanied Buffy while she was slaying. She realized at that point that she wouldn't be able to have a normal relationship.Who asked Buffy out?

a. Owen
b. Ryan
c. Angel
d. Brian

She looks at their clothing - She often looks at their clothes. If they are dated, she knows they are vampires. She uses this method to find out that Willow's male friend that she meets at the Bronze is a vampire.How does Buffy tell who is a vampire or who is just weird?

a. She looks at their clothing
b. She can smell them
c. She has no idea
d. She can sense them

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