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Jesse - Jesse, who is Xander's best friend, becomes a vampire during the first episode of season 1. He is initially meant to be a sacrifice to the master, but instead he is turned and used as bait.Which of the following characters becomes a vampire during the first episode?

a. Anya
b. Xander
c. Jesse
d. Angel

A shiny nickel - He promises her a shiny nickel in exchange for helping him with math. Willow and Xander agree to meet in the library, 'where the books live'.When Xander asks Willow to be his study buddy, what does he promise her in exchange for her help?

a. A shiny nickel
b. A Gift Certificate
c. A kiss
d. A lunch date

Bob Flutie - The correct answer is Bob Flutie. 'The students are free to call him Bob, but they don't.' Bob Flutie is replaced by R Snyder later in the season due to an unfortunate event.What is the name of the principal during the start of season 1?

a. Xander Harris
b. Bob Flutie
c. David Kensick
d. R. Snyder

A Wooden Stake - She drops the contents of her bag, including her wooden stake, which she leaves behind. Xander keeps her stake to return to her when he sees her again, although he is confused as to why she carried a stake with her in the first place.When Buffy drops her bag, Xander rushes to help her collect her belongings. What does she leave behind?

a. Her Wallet
b. A Wooden Stake
c. A Calculator
d. A Cross Necklace

Hemery - Buffy attended Hemery high school in Los Angeles. We learned this when Buffy met Cordelia. Cordelia invited Buffy to be part of the cool group in school and since she was from Los Angeles, she could skip the written part of the test.What school did Buffy attend before Sunnydale high?

a. Hemery
b. St. Pius
c. St. Vincents
d. Harday

Bronze - The bronze is the name of the club in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is where everyone hangs out, not just the cool kids. This becomes a problem in the episode 'The Harvest'.What is the name of the club in Sunnydale?

a. Ivy
b. Boomers
c. Shimmer
d. Bronze

Vampyr - Buffy is alarmed by Giles at first and she rushes out of the library, but eventually she accepts what she needs to do and becomes much more comfortable around him.What book does Giles show Buffy when he first meets her?

a. The Walking Dead
b. Vampyr
c. The Bible
d. Vampires

Gym - Her gym class was canceled on her first day due to the 'extreme dead guy in the locker room'.On Buffy's first day, which of her classes was canceled?

a. Health
b. Gym
c. English
d. Spanish

A cross necklace - A cross necklace that saves her from Luke in episode 1. He also gave her his leather jacket, but it was not his first gift to her.What did Angel give Buffy when he first met her?

a. A wooden stake
b. A Bible
c. His leather jacket
d. A cross necklace

Willow - Buffy offers this advice to Willow to try to get her to be more comfortable around boys. Unfortunately, this advice leads to trouble!To whom does Buffy offer the advice "seize the moment, cause tomorrow you might be dead?"

a. Willow
b. Cordelia
c. Xander
d. Angel

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