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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Quiz #2

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Joyce - She got a new job after Buffy got kicked out of school and moved them to Sunnydale to start over.What is Buffy's mom's first name?

a. Samantha
b. Sue
c. Joyce
d. Marilyn

The Library - We learn this well the mouth of hell begins to open and a huge monster comes out of the ground in the middle of the library.The Hellmouth is located under what?

a. The Library
b. Buffy's House
c. North Park
d. The Bronze

Vampyr - Buffy is especially freaked because she had had a nightmare about the same thing happening. She wasn't prepared for there to be vampires at her new school.What book does Giles try to give Buffy when he first meets her?

a. Demonology
b. Vampyr
c. King James Bible
d. Death Tale

Angel - Darla was his sire, but Angel stabs her in the heart to protect Buffy.Who kills Darla?

a. Buffy
b. Xander
c. Angel
d. Willow

Italy - We first see him in the 1500 or 1600 in Italy. He is known as Moloch the corrupter and he was trapped in a book shortly after the flashback.In what country do we first see Moloch?

a. Sweden
b. Italy
c. England
d. Spain

Jenny - She is in charge of the computer department at Sunnydale. Willow takes classes from her.What is Ms. Calendar's first name?

a. Jenny
b. Cindy
c. Anna
d. Rita

Demon hunter - He was a demon hunter! He was actually a real person trapped in the body of a puppet.What was the profession of the dummy in "Puppet show?"

a. Demon hunter
b. Taxidermist
c. Zookeeper
d. Doctor

The order of Aurelius - It is a ring with a sun and three stars on it.Giles finds a ring, what sect does it belong to?

a. The order of Demonluis
b. The order of Starchren
c. The order of Aurelius
d. The order of Ordalia

Collin - He takes the form of a young boy, probably no more than 10. However, he is feared by all the vampires in Sunnydale.Who is the anointed one?

a. Angel
b. Johnny
c. Caleb
d. Collin

He gives her CPR - He gives her CPR after she is technically dead. Angel has no breath, so he can only watch. Eventually, Buffy comes back!In what way does Xander save Buffy?

a. He casts a spell
b. He gives her CPR
c. He distracts the master
d. He stops her neck from bleeding

The master - The prophecy comes true, but she is saved by Xander.Who kills Buffy?

a. The master
b. Xander
c. Angel
d. Cordelia-accidentally

He was curator at the British Museum - We learned that Giles started at Sunnydale shortly before Buffy. This was not a coincidence, as he was to be her Watcher.What did Giles do before he moved to Sunnydale?

a. He was a flight attendant
b. He was a professor at Oxford
c. He was a doctor
d. He was curator at the British Museum

Amber Grove - She was without a doubt the best cheerleader trying out. It was rumored that she turned the Lakers down! She doesn't get to finish her routine though, because she catches fire!Which cheerleader caught on fire during tryouts?

a. Amber Grove
b. Aura Armant
c. Cordelia Chase
d. Amy Madison

Deliver (Delete) - She sees DEL and presses it, deleting all her work. Cordelia had been saying mean things about Buffy during class and Willow got some revenge!What key does Willow tell Cordy to press to save her computer work?

a. Space Bar + Shift
b. Ctrl + ESC
c. Deliver (Delete)
d. Print

The master's rising - The Harvest refers to the master's rising. His plan is foiled by Buffy, so he must determine another way to rise!What is the Harvest?

a. Harvest of food
b. Harvesting of organs for some demons
c. The master's rising
d. Halloween

Suffocates her with a plastic bag - Marcie tries to suffocate Ms. Miller. Cordelia finds her in time, and saves her!What does Marcie do to harm Ms. Miller?

a. Beats her with a bat
b. Stabs her with a pencil in the lung
c. Shoots her with a pistol
d. Suffocates her with a plastic bag

Buffy - Aside from the master rising, this was her worst nightmare, although both happened in this episode.Which member of the gang becomes a vampire in "Nightmares?"

a. Willow
b. Buffy
c. Rupert
d. Xander

Emily - Pretty much all we know about her is that she was the first victim of the organ stealing demon. We also knew that she was a talented dancer.Who had her heart removed during talent show rehearsal?

a. Emily
b. Veronica
c. Cordelia
d. Autumn

He was scanned in - Willow unknowingly scanned him in. In order to free him from the book, it had to be read aloud, but somehow scanning the book had the same effect.How did Moloch get into the computer system?

a. A spell was cast
b. He was a virus downloaded from net
c. He teleported into it for protection
d. He was scanned in

Guns - She used guns so she could kill Buffy, but so she wouldn't kill Angel.What was Darla's choice of weapon against Buffy?

a. Bats
b. Knives
c. Stakes
d. Guns

The Three - The Three. She is saved by angel, which is what leads her to find out that he is actually a vampire.What are the 3 vamps called that are sent after Buffy by the master?

a. The order of Drac
b. The order of Aurelius
c. Darla, Drew, and Adam
d. The Three

1630 Rovello Drive - After Joyce is bitten by Darla, Buffy calls an ambulance and she states her address.What is Buffy's address?

a. 1313 Whitehill Avenue
b. 1630 Rovello Drive
c. 1504 Ardel Avenue
d. 1002 Rarely Street

She was a history tutor - She told Joyce she was tutoring Buffy in History because her family goes back to the days of the war of independence! Darla framed Angel.What did Darla say to Joyce in order to get invited inside?

a. They had to work on a project
b. She was a piano teacher
c. She was a history tutor
d. She was selling makeup

Sid - His ventriloquist's name is Morgan, although Sid is alive and doesn't really need one!What is the name of the puppet in "Puppet show?"

a. Curtis
b. Morgan
c. Chucky
d. Sid

Giles - According to Principal Snyder, he had to do it so he could be more involved with the students.Who was in charge of the school talent show?

a. Giles
b. Chase
c. Ms. Calender
d. Snyder

An Art Gallery - They moved to Sunnydale so Joyce could take over and get it up and running. She often brings pieces home to decorate or to store.Where did Joyce work?

a. An Art Gallery
b. The local Library
c. A resturant
d. A Car Dealership

Hellmouth - The hellmouth, because of it, terrifying creatures are often drawn to the area. A hellmouth is not only the mouth of hell, but it is a center of mystical energy.Sunnydale is located on top of what?

a. Graveyard
b. Underground Mine
c. Sinkhole
d. Hellmouth

Flute - After hearing the flute and doing some research, the gang concludes that the invisible girl must be Marcie. She was the only one of the What instrument did Marcie play?

a. Flute
b. Guitar
c. Trombone
d. French Horn

When a vampire ran from her - Vampires don't usually run from normal people. She also saw her head turn the whole way around, leading her to believe that she was an insect!When did Buffy realize that something was off about Ms. French?

a. In detention with Principal Flutie
b. When her eyes temporily turned yellow
c. When she talked to Blaine and Xander
d. When a vampire ran from her

A blinding spell - She was blinded. After getting in a car and almost killing her classmates, she gets out and is almost hit by a bus. Buffy saves her, but she is completely blind.What spell was cast on Cordelia in "witch?"

a. A love spell
b. A transfiguration spell
c. A fire spell
d. A blinding spell

A skateboard - He rides in on his skateboard, but crashes when he first sees Buffy!What does Xander ride to school on Buffy's first day?

a. A wagon
b. A scooter
c. A skateboard
d. A bike

Catherine Madison - She used her spells to switch bodies with Amy because she thought Amy was Which character was actually the bad witch?

a. Amy Madison
b. Ms. Adams
c. Harmony Kendall
d. Catherine Madison

Buffy - He has a huge crush on her and often thinks and dreams about her. In his dream, he is able to kill the vamp and finish his guitar solo like it was nothing!Who does Xander save from a vamp in his dream?

a. Rupert
b. Willow
c. Buffy
d. Cordelia

Gym - After examining the guy, she realizes that she can't run from her destiny.What class is cancelled on Buffy's first day because of the "extreme dead guy?"

a. Music
b. Tennis
c. History
d. Gym

A mirror - Buffy used a mirror to bounce Catherine's spell back on her. She traps herself in a statue!What object protects Buffy from Catherine's spell?

a. A crystal
b. A ring
c. Her bracelet
d. A mirror

Cordelia - She saves the day by tricking Luke into thinking its sunrise.Who was Luke about to kill at the Bronze when Buffy steps in?

a. Willow
b. Xander
c. Rupert
d. Cordelia

Brain cancer - He had brain cancer. His brain was taken, but it couldn't be used because it was damaged. Instead, the demon went after Giles.What condition did Morgan have?

a. Diabetes
b. Brain cancer
c. He didn't have a condition
d. Heart disease

5 - They broke up when he stole her barbie!How old were Xander and Willow when they dated?

a. 5
b. They never dated
c. 13
d. 17

Darla - Principal Flutie and Herbert the pig are both eaten by the pack of student possessed by the hyenas.Which character does NOT get eaten?

a. Darla
b. The Warden
c. Flutie
d. Herbert

10th - We learn that she is in 10th grade, a sophomore and she is 16. She was called to be a slayer at the age of 15.What grade is Buffy in, in season 1?

a. 10th
b. 11th
c. 9th
d. 12th

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