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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Quiz II

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Anne - She used the name Anne. Anne was Buffy's middle name.What name did Buffy use when she worked as a waitress after running away from Sunnydale?

a. Betty
b. Jane
c. Jenna
d. Anne

Epstein Barr - She suffered from Epstein Barr. Cordelia was disappointed because it was Epstein Barr and not something 'cool'.What virus does Cordelia's mother suffer from?

a. Banzi
b. Lupus
c. Epstein Barr
d. Eczema

Students - Principal Flutie was killed by students that were under the effects of a strange hyena curse.Buffy's first principal at Sunnydale High was killed by which of the following?

a. Zombies
b. Students
c. Vampires
d. Giles

Bianca - Buffy, Faith and Kendra were all vampire slayers. Faith replaced Kendra when she died. Bianca is the first name of the actress who played Kendra.Which of these was not the name of a Vampire Slayer?

a. Kendra
b. Faith
c. Buffy
d. Bianca

Dominic Purcell - Dominic Purcell does NOT play a character. Wentworth Miller plays a Sunnydale High swimmer turned monster and Conchata Ferrell (from Two and a Half Men) plays a school nurse in one episode.Which of these famous actors/actresses does NOT play a character in Buffy?

a. Conchata Ferrell
b. Wentworth Miller
c. James Marsters
d. Dominic Purcell

Eliza Dushku - Eliza Dushku plays Faith. She comes in during the third season and stays for part of the fourth. Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Buffy and Alyson Hannigan plays Willow.Who plays Faith?

a. Michelle Trachtenberg
b. Eliza Dushku
c. Alyson Hannigan
d. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Joyce's Boyfriend - Ted is Joyce's boyfriend. He is played by John Ritter. He is a creepy robotic man with a very dark history.Who is "Ted" in the show?

a. Joyce's Father
b. Buffy's Father
c. Joyce's Boyfriend
d. Buffy's New Principal

Curtis - The correct answer is Curtis. She is dating Scott for a few episodes while she is still in high school (pre season 4) and she begins dating Riley during season 4.Which of these boys did Buffy NOT date?

a. Scott
b. Riley
c. Spike
d. Curtis

Ireland - He is originally from Ireland. He speaks in the flashbacks with an Irish accent and he gives Buffy a Claddah ring, which is a popular Irish tradition.Where is Angel from, originally?

a. Ireland
b. France
c. Canada
d. England

William the Bloody - However, Spike was a little more fitting for him when he began to use railroad spikes to eliminate his targets.Aside from Spike, what did James Marster's character go by the name of?

a. William the Bloody
b. Blondie
c. Bloody Bill
d. Billy the Wanderer

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