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LA - She spends the summer in LA with her father, Hank Summers!After killing the master, where does Buffy spend her summer?

a. LA
b. San Francisco
c. Washington
d. Chicago

A girl's bracelet - She finds a bracelet in the cemetery that is later determined to belong to a girl from Kent Prep school.In "Reptile Boy," what does Buffy find in the cemetery while patrolling?

a. A woman's shoe
b. An open grave
c. A cross necklace
d. A girl's bracelet

$5,000 - The demon told Buffy he would sell the books for $5,000. He needed the money to buy a plane ticket away from the Hellmouth.How much money does the demon want for "The Books of Ascension"?

a. $100,000
b. $1,200
c. $500
d. $5,000

To try to bring him back - He needed the bones in order to bring the master back. Buffy was still freaked out after her encounter and pulverized the bones so he could never come back.Why did the anointed one take the Master's bones?

a. To try to bring him back
b. To make some soup
c. To make them into weapons to kill Buffy
d. To destroy them, to take over as Master

In a car accident - She was killed in a car accident. She came up in discussion when Buffy found an empty grave in 'Some Assembly Required'.How did Meredith Todd die?

a. She was bitten by a vampire
b. Heart Attack
c. In a car accident
d. Hanging

Spike - Spike and his cronies attack the school on parent teacher night! Buffy is especially angry because parent teacher night was her project!Which new vampire is introduced in "School Hard"?

a. Dracula
b. Spike
c. David
d. Angel

Sven - He was a Swedish exchange student. He also hated Cordelia because she was so mean to him. Cordelia hated Sven because she didn't think he spoke English.What was the name of Cordelia's exchange student?

a. Peter
b. Sven
c. Barry
d. Juan

Eskimo - She was an Eskimo. This costume is what makes Oz notice her for the first time.What was Willow's costume for the Cultural Exchange dance?

a. Eskimo
b. Hula Dancer
c. Indian Chief
d. Viking Princess

Crestwood College - The frat boys went to Crestwood College. Tom and Richard invited Cordelia and Buffy to attend a party with them.What college do the frat boys go to?

a. Crestwood College
b. Clarion University
c. Mooncrest College
d. Sunnydale University

A soldier - Xander was a soldier for Halloween. When everyone become their costumes, he ended up being the girl's best bet because he protected them even though he couldn't remember who they were.What does Xander dress up as for Halloween?

a. A pirate
b. A werewolf
c. A vampire
d. A soldier

Vampire - Buffy pops in just in time to save them. This was the first vampire attack since Buffy killed the master and left for the summer.After an "almost kiss" what creature interrupts Willow and Xander?

a. Ghoul
b. Vampire
c. Giles
d. Werewolf

Tom Warner - Richard and Tom show up to talk to Cordelia, but when Tom sees Buffy, he only allows them to come to the party if both Buffy and Cordelia attend.Who invited Buffy to a party at the college?

a. Bryan Meadows
b. Cordelia Chase
c. Gary Gurner
d. Tom Warner

Machida - Machida was a demon worshiped by the Delta Zeta Kappas. He provided wealth in exchange for three women sacrifices.What was the name of the snake-like demon in "Reptile Boy"?

a. Mattox
b. Moloch
c. Ser Hiss
d. Machida

Drusilla - She is mad. She has abilities to see things others can not and she has visions of the future.What is the name of Spike's girlfriend?

a. Beatrice
b. Anna
c. Betty
d. Drusilla

Lemonade - Kind of. She forgets to put in the sugar, so it is really just squeezed lemons and water. From the reactions of the people that drink it, it is really terrible.What drink does Buffy make for parent teacher night?

a. Fruit Punch
b. Rootbeer Floats
c. Coffee
d. Lemonade

Rodney Munsin - The scooby gang knew it was Rodney by looking at the braces that the mummy had recently acquired.Who is the Incan Princess's first victim?

a. Brandon Keeler
b. Mike Shudner
c. Daniel Osbourne
d. Rodney Munsin

Brain cancer - Ford had brain cancer and he wanted to become a vampire so he didn't have to die. He understood that becoming a vampire would kill him, but at least he would still be around.What condition made Ford want to become a vampire?

a. Heart Disese
b. Brain cancer
c. Poisoning
d. Stomach cancer

History - He studied History. He also mentioned that he dropped out of Oxford and fell in with the worst crowd that would have him.What did Giles study at Oxford?

a. History
b. English
c. Music
d. Art

Police Officer - She is assigned to the Law Enforcement/Police table for career day. She was also attacked by the police officer that she was assigned to.After taking the aptitude test, what is Buffy's career day assignment?

a. Computer Designer
b. Computer Programmer
c. Police Officer
d. Librarian

Kendra - She is the second vampire slayer and is opposite of Buffy. She is very knowledgeable about the texts and the slayer handbook, which Buffy had no idea it even existed.Which of these is the name of another vampire slayer in season 2?

a. Kendra
b. Farah
c. Nicole
d. Cordelia

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