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Science Trivia Questions E26

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The energy of movement - Kinetic energy is the amount of work needed to put an object into motion.In the world of physics, what is kinetic energy?

a. The heat given off by fire
b. The energy of movement
c. The energy produced by the separation of atoms
d. Another term for solar power

Saturn - Uranus and Jupiter are also gas giants.Which of these planets is a gas giant?

a. Venus
b. Mercury
c. Mars
d. Saturn

Charles Darwin - Charles Darwin was born in 1809.Which English naturalist and geologist developed the theory of evolution?

a. Charles Darwin
b. Albert Schweitzer
c. Sir Isaac Newton
d. Alfred Russel Wallace

Canis Major - Sirius is just about twice as bright as Canopus.Currently the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius is a part of which constellation?

a. O'Ryans Belt
b. Ursa Major
c. The Big Dipper
d. Canis Major

Echidna - The platypus also lays eggs.Which of the following mammals lays eggs?

a. Beaver
b. Fruit bat
c. Whale
d. Echidna

Alexander Fleming - Fleming won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.Which of these men discovered the antibiotic substance penicillin in 1928?

a. Alexander Fleming
b. John Crick
c. James Watson
d. Albert Sabin

Paleontologist - Bakker is known for his article 'Dinosaur Renaissance'.What was Robert Bakker's field of science?

a. Ornithologist
b. Astronomer
c. Paleontologist
d. Marine Biologist

Turtle - Herpetologists study reptiles and amphibians.Which of these creatures would be studied by a herpetologist?

a. Flamingo
b. Turtle
c. Spider
d. Bat

1837 - The telegraph was patented in the United States by Samuel Morse.A device used for transmitting and receiving messages over long distances, when was the telegraph invented?

a. 1884
b. 1903
c. 1765
d. 1837

Tin - Pewter may also contain antimony and bismuth.Ninety percent of pewter consists of which material?

a. Tin
b. Lead
c. Iron
d. Copper

Red - Bees perceive red as black.What color are bees not able to see?

a. Red
b. Blue
c. Green
d. Yellow

Orange - Neon is often used to make signs.When electricity goes through neon, what color will it glow?

a. Blue
b. Green
c. White
d. Orange

Amino acids - Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon are components of amino acids.Protein is made up of?

a. Sugars
b. Lipids
c. Cholesterol
d. Amino acids

88 days - Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.How long does it take Mercury to circle the sun?

a. 88 days
b. 477 days
c. 248 days
d. 110 days

Mensa - Mensa is known as Tafelberg in German and Dutch.Which constellation is known as "The Table Mountain"?

a. Mensa
b. Volans
c. Hydrus
d. Dorado

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