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Children's Trivia Questions #8

Free Printable Trivia Questions For Children

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A trash can - Oscar had a pet worm.Where did Oscar live on the show Sesame Street?

a. A bird's nest
b. An apartment
c. A trash can
d. A bus

Cow - A male cow is called a bull.Which of these animals produces most of the milk that people drink?

a. Horse
b. Moose
c. Cow
d. Deer

Apple - The evil Queen gives the apple to Snow White.What kind of fruit poisons Snow White?

a. Cherry
b. Apple
c. Orange
d. Pear

Jack - Jack and Jill go up the hill to get water.Which nursery rhyme character carries a pail?

a. Jack
b. George
c. Tom
d. Peter

March - St. Patrick's Day is the 17th of March.In what month is St. Patrick's Day?

a. December
b. June
c. August
d. March

Blue - If you wanted to make green you would mix blue and yellow.What color would you add to red to make purple?

a. Blue
b. Green
c. Orange
d. Yellow

Thermometer - A thermometer can be in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.If you wanted to know how cold it was outside, what could you use?

a. Thermometer
b. Microwave
c. Telescope
d. Microscope

Pound - You might also use a kilogram or grams.Which unit of measurement would you use to measure butter?

a. Pound
b. Degree
c. Furlong
d. Cord

Batman - Batman and Robin are DC comic book characters.Who travels with the superhero Robin?

a. The Hulk
b. Batman
c. Spiderman
d. Superman

Pokemon - Ash is the main human character.In which cartoon would you find the character Ash Ketchum?

a. Fullmetal Alchemist
b. Dragon Ball
c. Pokemon
d. Yu-Gi-Oh

Clown - Dory is a regal tang.What kind of fish is Nemo?

a. Goldfish
b. Clown
c. Whale
d. Shark

Tom Sawyer - The story of Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain.Which of these characters lives with Aunt Polly?

a. Tom Sawyer
b. Harry Potter
c. Frank Hardy
d. Peter Pan

Seven - You also get seven when you add four and three.What do you get when you add five and two?

a. Nine
b. Three
c. Eleven
d. Seven

An ameba - Microscopes are used to make very small things appear larger.Which of these creatures would you need a microscope to see?

a. A puppy
b. A star
c. A seagull
d. An ameba

Spanish - A little over 12 percent of the population speaks Spanish.After English, what language do most people speak in the United States?

a. Spanish
b. French
c. Chinese
d. Russian

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