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Childrens Trivia Questions VI

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Pteranodon - The voice of Petrie is done by Will Ryan. In the movie The Land Before Time, what kind of dinosaur is Petrie?

a. Stegosaurus
b. Brontosaurus
c. Triceratops
d. Pteranodon

Wombat - The wombat is a small animal native to Australia. This fuzzy creature lives in burrows. Which of the following creatures is not a bird?

a. Wombat
b. Dodo
c. Robin
d. Emu

Bat - Nocturnal animals are most active during the night. Which of these animals is nocturnal?

a. Bat
b. Dog
c. Rooster
d. Cow

Elephant - This story was written by Dr. Seuss.In the story Horton Hears a Who, what kind of animal is Horton?

a. Monkey
b. Elephant
c. Dog
d. Horse

The heart - The heart is a muscle, which pumps blood throughout the body.Which part of the body moves blood?

a. The stomach
b. The heart
c. The brain
d. The lungs

The lungs - Every person has two lungs. The lungs are found in a person's upper chest.Which part of the body is used for breathing?

a. The tongue
b. The lungs
c. The brain
d. The liver

Look at stars - The telescope first appeared in the early 1600s. What would you do with a telescope?

a. Listen to someone's heart
b. Take someone’s temperature
c. Measure the speed of a car
d. Look at stars

Fish - Fish use gills to breath. Which of these creatures does not have lungs?

a. People
b. Fish
c. Frogs
d. Birds

Mice - Mice are small rodents that are found all over the world.What is the plural form of the word mouse?

a. Meece
b. Mice
c. Meeces
d. Mouses

Atlas - A dictionary is a book, which gives the definitions of words.What do you call a book which contains maps?

a. Atlas
b. Novel
c. Encyclopedia
d. Dictionary

Anthem - Anthems are often sung at the beginning of a sporting event. What do you call a song that is sung to represent a country?

a. Anthem
b. Ballad
c. Overture
d. Hymn

Comet - One of the most famous comets is called Hailey's Comet.Which of these things might you see in the night sky?

a. Pyramid
b. Comet
c. Gallbladder
d. Volcano

Triangle - The sides of a triangle are straight. Which of these shapes has three sides?

a. Triangle
b. Octagon
c. Rectangle
d. Circle

In the ocean - Shrimp are small creatures that live in the water. Many people enjoy eating them.Where would you find a shrimp?

a. In the desert
b. In the ocean
c. In the arctic
d. In a tree

Chess - The game of chess is won when the King is placed in check.Which classic game has pieces known as castles and rooks?

a. Risk
b. Chess
c. Monopoly
d. Life

Basketball - The game of basketball was created by James Naismith.Which sport uses the terms key, board, net and dribble?

a. Basketball
b. Baseball
c. Soccer
d. Rowing

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