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Childrens Trivia Questions #10

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Swimming - You might also hear the terms fly, stroke and flip turn.In which sport would you hear the terms crawl and butterfly?

a. Snow boarding
b. Soccer
c. Figure skating
d. Swimming

Ants - Roasted leafcutter ant abdomens are popular. In some places, you can get them covered in chocolate.If you were in a South American theater, which insect could you buy as a snack?

a. Ants
b. Butterflies
c. Beatles
d. Spiders

0 - Water freezes at 32 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale.On the Celsius scale, at what temperature does water freeze?

a. 25
b. 50
c. 32
d. 0

Dogs - A westie is also called a West Highland terrier.A shepherd, a westie and a pointer are all kinds of what?

a. Dogs
b. Horses
c. Birds
d. Chickens

In hands - A cord is a measure of wood.How are horses measured?

a. In hands
b. In cords
c. In chains
d. In degrees

Black - Ravens are also black.What color is a crow?

a. Red
b. Black
c. Blue
d. Yellow

Straw - The second house was made of wood.According to the story with the big bad wolf, what was the first house made of?

a. Clay
b. Stone
c. Brick
d. Straw

A globe - Globes are a three dimensional map of the earth.What do you call a round map?

a. An atlas
b. A globe
c. A road map
d. A contour map

Guinea pig - Guinea pigs are native to South America.Which of these rodents does not have a tail?

a. Guinea pig
b. Rat
c. Muskrat
d. Mouse

Lava - Lava flows from volcanoes.What is another term for liquid rock?

a. Lava
b. Electron
c. Fission
d. Limestone

At the end of the rainbow - Leprechauns are a part of Irish folklore.Where do leprechauns hide their gold?

a. Inside rain clouds
b. At the end of the rainbow
c. Under the fairy brook
d. At the bottom of the mountain

Queen Elizabeth - The Queen owns several palaces.Who lives in Buckingham Palace?

a. Queen Elizabeth
b. The Governor General
c. The Prime minister
d. The President

On your tongue - You lose taste buds as you get older.Where would you find your taste buds?

a. In your lungs
b. On your finger tips
c. On your tongue
d. In your stomach

Penguin - Penguins are wonderful swimmers.Which of these birds cannot fly?

a. Pigeon
b. Penguin
c. Owl
d. Duck

Neverland - Peter lives in Neverland with the lost boys.In the story of Peter Pan, where does Peter live?

a. Narnia
b. Middle Earth
c. Vulcan
d. Neverland

Canada - Canada is the second largest nation in the world.Which country is north of the United States?

a. Mexico
b. Columbia
c. Canada
d. Argentina

Hercules - Hades is the god of the underworld.In which Disney film would you see the character of Hades?

a. Brave
b. Hercules
c. Frozen
d. The Hunchback of Notre dam

Play it - A piccolo is a kind of flute.What would you do with a piccolo?

a. Play it
b. Eat it
c. Ride it
d. Read it

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