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Children's Trivia Questions V

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A gosling - A hatchling is a baby crocodile.A young cow is a calf and a chicken is a chick. What do you call a young goose?

       a. A signet
       b. A gosling
       c. A peep
       d. A hatchling

Sleep - Lions sleep to conserve energy. The females do most of the hunting.What do lions do for more than 18 hours a day?

       a. Groom
       b. Sleep
       c. Hunt
       d. Wander

A worm - Slimey is Oscar the Grouch's pet.On the show Sesame Street, what kind of creature is Slimey?

       a. A worm
       b. A spider
       c. A bat
       d. A frog

Ottawa - Ottawa is in Ontario.What is the name of the capital of Canada?

       a. Toronto
       b. Montreal
       c. Ottawa
       d. Winnipeg

The Woodman - The woodsman often kills the wolf with an axe.In many versions of the tale Little Red Riding Hood, both the girl and her grandmother need to be saved. Who rescues them?

       a. The local farmer
       b. The Woodman
       c. The blacksmith
       d. Little Red’s Father

Blacksmith - A cooper makes barrels and a cobbler makes shoes.What is the name of a person who puts shoes on horses?

       a. Cooper
       b. Blacksmith
       c. Cobbler
       d. Tailor

Red - Emeralds are green. Aquamarines are blue.What color is a ruby?

       a. Blue
       b. Red
       c. Green
       d. Purple

The White Knight - This is the sequel to Alice in Wonderland. Both novels were written by Lewis Carroll.Which character in the novel Alice Through the Looking Glass talks backwards?

       a. The Red Queen
       b. The White Knight
       c. The Mock Turtle
       d. The Mad Hatter

A thermometer - A person's normal temperature is 97.8 in Fahrenheit. In Celsius, it is 37.If you wanted to determine if you had a fever, what would you use to take your temperature?

       a. A thermometer
       b. A barometer
       c. A stethoscope
       d. A sensitometer

A canoe - Rowboats are normally powered by oars. What do you call a boat that uses a paddle to move?

       a. A tugboat
       b. A rowboat
       c. A canoe
       d. A barge

A bat - Bats are nocturnal, which means that they sleep during the day and are awake all night.There is only one flying mammal. What is it?

       a. A monkey
       b. A mole
       c. A bat
       d. A dingo

London - Paris is the capital of France.What is the capital of Great Britain?

       a. Paris
       b. Rome
       c. London
       d. Washington

A lodge - Beavers also build dams. These are used to create a suitable place for the lodge.Beavers build their homes from branches and twigs. What do you call a beaver's house?

       a. A wigwam
       b. A lodge
       c. A dam
       d. A lean-to

The Grand Canyon - The Grand Canyon is 18 miles wide at certain points and is a mile deep in places.What famous landmark can be found by the Colorado River?

       a. The Tara River Canyon
       b. Fish River Canyon
       c. The Grand Canyon
       d. Copper Canyon

Hurricane - Hurricane Katrina killed over 1,800 people. What natural disaster hit New Orleans in 2005?

       a. Hurricane
       b. Tornado
       c. Monsoon
       d. Tsunami

Australia - A kangaroo is a marsupial. Marsupials have pouches.On what continent would you find a kangaroo?

       a. Australia
       b. Antarctica
       c. South America
       d. Asia

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