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Children's Easter Bible Trivia Questions

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Riding a donkey - The Bible states 'When he had found a young ass, sat thereon'.How did Jesus enter Jerusalem?

a. Riding a horse
b. Walking
c. Riding a donkey
d. Riding in a litter

The Romans - The Romans did not like what Jesus was telling the common people.Who took Jesus prisoner?

a. The Gauls
b. The Prussians
c. The Romans
d. The Egyptians

Crucified - The Romans nailed Jesus to a cross.How was Jesus killed?

a. Beheaded
b. Hung
c. Poisoned
d. Crucified

The Last Supper - This was the last meal that Jesus would share with his friends before his death.What do people call the meal Jesus and his followers shared before his arrest?

a. The Final Meal
b. The Last Supper
c. The Last Lunch
d. The Final Breakfast

13 - Twelve of Jesus' followers sat down with him at this historic meal. Including Jesus, how many people were at the last supper?

a. 6
b. 9
c. 25
d. 13

Disciples - There were 12 disciples.What is the word used to describe the men at the table with Jesus?

a. Priests
b. Monks
c. Clergymen
d. Disciples

Wine - They drank wine and shared bread. What did Jesus and his friends drink during their last meal?

a. Wine
b. Mead
c. Tea
d. Coffee

Friday - Jesus died on a Friday. This day is often called Good Friday or Holy Friday.On which day of the week was Jesus killed?

a. Thursday
b. Monday
c. Wednesday
d. Friday

Monday - The Bible says that Mary went to the gravesite on the first day of the week.Jesus arose on which day?

a. Monday
b. Friday
c. Wednesday
d. Saturday

Judas - Judas was one of Jesus' followers.Which man told the Romans where to find Jesus?

a. Herod
b. Judas
c. Noah
d. Barabbas

He was placed in a cave - When the body was in the cave, a rock was rolled across the entrance.What happened to Jesus after he died on the cross?

a. His body was left in the desert
b. He was placed in a cave
c. He was buried in the ground
d. The Romans burned his body

Fish - Jesus met the disciples on the shore and told them where to cast their nets. After Jesus had risen, he and his followers shared a meal of?

a. Chicken
b. Goat
c. Fish
d. Beef

3 - There were three days between the day that Jesus died and the day he was resurrected.How many days was Jesus dead?

a. 3
b. 15
c. 9
d. 6

An angel - The angel told them that Jesus was alive.When Jesus' friends went to the grave, who did they see?

a. An angel
b. A Roman guard
c. A Priest
d. The Emperor

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