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Easter Bible Trivia Questions

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Whip - Jesus was whipped and beaten before being crucified.The bible states that Jesus was scourged. What does the word scourge mean?

a. Starve
b. Wash
c. Banish
d. Whip

Purple - The color purple is mentioned in John and in Mark. Matthew states that the robe was scarlet.What color was the robe that the Romans placed upon Jesus?

a. Blue
b. Purple
c. Yellow
d. Green

A crown of thorns - The Romans wanted to mock Jesus, so they gave him a 'crown'.What kind of crown was placed upon Jesus' head?

a. A rusty piece of barbed wire
b. A crown of ivy
c. A crown of nails
d. A crown of thorns

Pilate - Pontius Pilate washes his hands as a sign that he is not responsible for the crucifixion. "Take ye him, and crucify him, for I find no fault in him." Who made this statement?

a. Mary Magdalene
b. Judas
c. Pilate
d. Herod

4 - The four gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The 'Easter Story' is in the gospels. How many gospels are in the bible?

a. 8
b. 9
c. 7
d. 4

Cast lots - The coat was said to be without seams. What did the Romans do with the coat that Jesus had worn?

a. Gave it to a beggar
b. Ripped it
c. Burned it
d. Cast lots

Linen - The body was wrapped in linen scented with spices.What kind of cloth was used to wrap the body of Jesus?

a. Linen
b. Canvas
c. Cotton
d. Burlap

A tomb - Once Jesus' body was in the sepulchre, a rock was rolled across the opening.According to the Bible, the body of Jesus was placed in a sepulchre. What, according to the dictionary, is a sepulchre?

a. An urn
b. A coffin
c. A tomb
d. A mausoleum

Mary Magdalene - The Bible says that she was there before the sun came up on the first day of the week.According to the Bible, who discovered that the rock had been rolled away from Jesus' burial place?

a. Mary Magdalene
b. John
c. Pilate
d. Luke

Two - There was one where the head of Jesus had been and one at the feet. How many angels, according to the Gospel of John, were inside the sepulchre?

a. Five
b. Ten
c. None
d. Two

Thomas - Thomas was told by the other disciples that Jesus had risen from the grave. After being resurrected, Jesus goes to see his disciples. Which disciple was not present at this time?

a. Thomas
b. Simon
c. Paul
d. Peter

Tiberias - This body of water is also referred to as The Sea of Galilee.After being resurrected, Jesus shows himself to the disciples beside which sea?

a. Tiberias
b. Caspian
c. Red
d. Dead

Judas - Judas betrays Jesus three times.Which disciple betrays Jesus to the chief priests?

a. Simon
b. Peter
c. Judas
d. Thomas

30 pieces of silver - The Bible simply refers to the coins as silver. Historians argue about what kind of coins they would have been. They may have been silver Tyrian shekels.What is Jesus' disciple betrayer given?

a. 200 pieces of eight
b. 30 pieces of silver
c. 10 pieces of gold
d. His freedom

Governor - According to some historians, Pilate held the title of prefect.In the Gospel of Matthew, it is said that Jesus was delivered to Pontius Pilate. What rank is given to Pilate?

a. General
b. Emperor
c. Governor
d. Caesar

He hung himself - He committed this act after returning the money he had been given.The Bible states that Jesus' betrayer committed suicide. How did he do this?

a. He hung himself
b. He jumped off a cliff
c. He slit his wrists
d. He drowned himself

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