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Easter Trivia Questions II

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Wash clothes - It was commonly believed that any clothes washed on this day would be stained with blood or would not come clean.There are many superstitions associated with Easter. If you do not want bad luck, what chore should you not do on Good Friday?

a. Wash Floors
b. Wash clothes
c. Bake Bread
d. Make Candles

Ears - According to one survey, 76 percent of people like to eat the ears first and only 4 percent start with the tail. According to a survey what part of the chocolate bunny do most American's eat first?

a. Ears
b. Feet
c. Tail
d. Paws

Bilby - The bilby is native to Australia. This has large ears, a long nose and very soft fur. Rabbits are unpopular because they cause millions of dollars of damage to crops each year.In Australia, rabbits are not a popular animal, so which creature do they use instead?

a. Kangaroo
b. Wombat
c. Koala
d. Bilby

Pancakes - Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday is the day before lent. What food is often served on Shrove Tuesday?

a. Oranges
b. Pancakes
c. Fish
d. Goose

It would never go moldy - They also thought that bread baked on this day would ward off fires and keep the rats out of the grain. People often baked on Good Friday. What did they believe of the bread baked on this day?

a. It could cure diseases
b. It would cure infertility
c. It would bring good luck
d. It would never go moldy

Effigies of Judas - These fires, often called Judas fires, are common in Mexico, Spain and Greece. In some countries, they have traditional bonfires. What do people burn at these fires?

a. Paper Eggs
b. Effigies of Judas
c. Crosses made of straw
d. Clothing

Germany - References to the Easter Bunny can be traced back to the 16th century. Which country is often credited with starting the Easter Bunny tradition?

a. Italy
b. Ireland
c. Spain
d. Germany

Lamb - Lambs were frequently used for religious sacrifices.What kind of meat is often associated with Easter?

a. Beef
b. Pork
c. Lamb
d. Deer

The name of a spring goddess - This goddess was responsible for banishing old man winter every year. The actual name of the goddess was Eastre.Where did the word Easter come from?

a. The name of an Egyptian deity
b. The name of a river
c. The name of a spring goddess
d. One of the disciples

The White House Egg Roll - This contest is held on the South Lawn every year.What tradition started in 1878?

a. The Balloon Break
b. The White House Egg Roll
c. The Egg Toss
d. The Easter Parade

Ostra - This goddess played a big part in all of the spring festivals and celebrations.What did the Scandinavians call Easter or Eastre?

a. Aurora
b. Ushas
c. Ostra
d. Eos

Red - Eggs were dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ.Eggs have been dyed for centuries. What was the most commonly used color?

a. Green
b. Red
c. Yellow
d. Blue

Toss the egg - The egg was tossed from the priest to choir boy. Tossing continued until the bell sounded twelve. Whoever had the egg at that time would get to keep it.What game was sometimes played in church as part of the Easter celebration?

a. Bob for Eggs
b. Egg Rolling
c. Find the egg
d. Toss the egg

5 - This set is made of wood and features eggs with the signatures of Presidents and their wives.How many eggs are part of the White house collectable set?

a. 12
b. 9
c. 13
d. 5

1928 - The act was passed in the Parliament of the United Kingdom for the purpose of establishing a fixed date for Easter.When was the Easter Act passed?

a. 1928
b. 1855
c. 1763
d. 1976

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