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Salt - Salt is used in many different rituals to keep evil things away.According to legend, which of these items do werewolves hate?

a. Basil
b. Salt
c. Sage
d. Garlic

Lycanthropy - Lycanthropy is a form of therianthropy. Alluranthropy is the term for people changing into cats.What is the term used to describe when a person changes into a wolf?

a. Cynanthropy
b. Hycanthropy
c. Alluranthropy
d. Lycanthropy

France - According to eyewitness reports and investigation, numerous large man-eating wolves attacked and killed approximately 130 people between 1764 and 1767. The "Beast of Gevaudan" incident occurred in which nation?

a. Germany
b. America
c. England
d. France

Silver - Silver bullets can also kill witches.What kind of bullet will kill a werewolf?

a. Gold
b. Pewter
c. Copper
d. Silver

Fenrir - Fenrir was the father of the wolves.What is the name of the Norse wolf god?

a. Fenrir
b. Odin
c. Loki
d. Hei

Mistletoe - Wolfsbane can also be used as a repellent.Which of these plants will repel a werewolf?

a. Lily
b. Poinsettia
c. Mistletoe
d. Orchid

Teen Wolf - Teen Wolf was released in 1985. In this cult classic, Michael plays the role of Scott Howard.In which of these movies did Michael J. Fox play a werewolf?

a. An American Werewolf in London
b. Teen Wolf
c. Cursed
d. Bad Moon

Warren Zevon  - Found on Zevon's album Excitable Boy.Which artist recorded the 1978 hit, "Werewolves in London"?

a. David Bowie
b. Elvis Costello
c. Neil Diamond
d. Warren Zevon

Ash - The ash tree blocks and exhibits control over werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. If chased by a werewolf, which tree would be the best to climb?

a. Popular
b. Olive
c. Ash
d. Maple

Lon Chaney - All of the actors listed played a role in the film. Released in 1941, who plays Lawrence Talbot in the werewolf cult classic "The Wolf Man"?

a. Lon Chaney
b. Claude Rains
c. Ralph Bellamy
d. Bela Lugosi

Rye - Rye is considered to be a holy grain.What kind of crop can protect you from a werewolf?

a. Rye
b. Oats
c. Corn
d. Wheat

Scotland - Released in 2002, Dog Soldiers was directed by Neil Marshall. What is the setting for the classic werewolf film "Dog Soldiers"?

a. South Africa
b. Scotland
c. Peru
d. Germany

Mercury - Some people argue that it was quicksilver that was used against werewolves, not silver.Which of the following elements will provide an excellent defense against werewolves?

a. Mercury
b. Nitrogen
c. Nickel
d. Carbon

1935 - The film was called 'The Werewolf of London'.Starring Henry Hul, in what year did the first werewolf movie debut?

a. 1952
b. 1944
c. 1923
d. 1935

Mexico - A nahual is also called a nagual.Which country might refer to werewolves as Nahuales?

a. Denmark
b. Mexico
c. Egypt
d. Ireland

Born on a full moon Friday - In Italy, they also believe that people who like to sleep outside could be werewolves.In Italy, which of these events might mean you could become a werewolf?

a. Born on a full moon Friday
b. Having a cat sleep in your cradle
c. Sleep walking
d. Snoring

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