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Horror Movie Trivia Questions V

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Werewolf - The sequel to 'Ginger Snaps' was called 'Unleashed'.What kind of monster is the subject of the film "Ginger Snaps"?

a. Zombie
b. Werewolf
c. Vampire
d. Ghost

Wes Craven - Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson created the movie. It was released in 1996.Who directed the first Scream movie?

a. Drew Barrymore
b. Kevin Williamson
c. Wes Craven
d. John Carpenter

Python - The film is about a genetically engineered python.In which horror movie would you see the characters John Cooper, Kristen, Dr. Anton Rudolph and Tommy?

a. Supernova
b. Python
c. They Nest
d. The Thing

Bones - Snoop Dogg plays the part of Jimmy Bones.Which horror movie stars rapper Snoop Dogg?

a. The Forsaken
b. Bones
c. The Breed
d. Arachnid

John Carpenter - This cult classic was released in 2001.Who directed the horror movie "Ghosts of Mars"?

a. Wes Craven
b. John Carpenter
c. Joe Dante
d. Victor Salva

New York - The film is about a family who travels to up-state New York where they encounter the Wendigo.Where is the film Wendigo set?

a. Alaska
b. New York
c. The Sahara
d. Siberia

Djinn - A Djinn is an evil genie. The film involved the creative influence of Wes Craven.What kind of evil creature is the subject of the film Wishmaster?

a. Djinn
b. Demon
c. Devil
d. Vampire

Wesley Snipes - The movie is based on a Marvel Comic character.Who stars in the film "Blade"?

a. Cuba Gooding Jr.
b. Danny Glover
c. Wesley Snipes
d. Daniel Day Lewis

Bering Sea - The ghost ship was a long-lost passenger ship, which went missing in 1962.Where is the ghost ship located?

a. Sea of Japan
b. The Gulf of Mexico
c. The Mediterranean
d. Bering Sea

An American Haunting - An American Haunting was directed and written by Courtney Solomon.Which horror film stars Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland?

a. An American Haunting
b. 9.56
c. Anaconda
d. Altered

The Covenant - Directed by Renny Harlin, the movie was released in 2006.Which horror movie starts out during the Salem witch trials?

a. Dark Corners
b. Blessed
c. Art of the Devil
d. The Covenant

A mall - The movie is a remake of the 1978 movie 'Dawn of the Dead' by George A. Romero.In the 2004 version of the movie "Dawn of the Dead", where do the survivors take refuge?

a. An airport
b. A school
c. A church
d. A mall

Japan - The movie made its debut in Japan in 2002. The English version of this movie was released in 2004.Which country first created the horror movie "The Grudge"?

a. England
b. Japan
c. Australia
d. Germany

Saw - The Jigsaw killer was a man named John Kramer.In which horror movie would you encounter the "Jigsaw Killer"?

a. Saw
b. Van Helsing
c. Toolbox Murders
d. Werewolf

Hugh Jackman - Hugh is an Australian actor who was born in Sydney, in 1968.In the 2004 horror movie, "Van Helsing", who plays the role of Van Helsing?

a. David Fraser
b. Casper Van Dien
c. Billy Boyd
d. Hugh Jackman

Tim Jensen - As a child, Tim saw his father taken by the boogeyman. This movie was released in 2005.Who was terrorized as a child by the boogeyman?

a. Jennifer Jones
b. Henry Walker
c. Jamie Ashen
d. Tim Jensen

Billy - This doll was delivered to the home of Jamie and Lisa Ashen.What is the name of the evil doll in the movie "Dead Silence"?

a. Billy
b. Chucky
c. Eddie
d. Tommy

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