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Horror Movie Trivia Questions IV

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Antarctica - The thing is discovered by a research team while at the South Pole.Where was the parasitic extraterrestrial life form "The Thing" discovered?

a. Antarctica
b. The North Pole
c. The Himalayas
d. The Andes Mountains

Jason - Jason's mother believes that her son drowned because the counselors were not watching him.What was the name of the boy who drowns in the lake at "Camp Crystal Lake"?

a. Freddy
b. Edward
c. Michael
d. Jason

Hot air balloon - The prisoners use the balloon to escape the camp, only to drift to the Mysterious Island.In the 1961 classic horror movie "Mysterious Island", how do the prisoners escape?

a. Hot air balloon
b. Horse cart
c. Truck
d. Tunnel

Plesiosaur - The plesiosaur lives in Crate Lake, which is located in Northern California.In the 1977 movie "The Crater Lake Monster", what kind of monster is in the lake?

a. Shark
b. Anaconda
c. Alligator
d. Plesiosaur

National Geographic - The crew is forced to help a man trying to find the world's largest anaconda.The film "Anaconda" centers on a film crew that works for which magazine?

a. Star
b. Rolling Stone
c. National Geographic
d. Time

Werewolf - The film is about a nineteen-year-old werewolf named Vivian.The 2007 film "Blood and Chocolate" features what kind of monster?

a. Werewolf
b. Spiders
c. Vampire
d. Zombie

Leopard - Directed by Paul Schrader, the movie was released in 1982. In the classic film "Cat People", what kind of cat does the woman turn into?

a. Leopard
b. Lion
c. Cheetah
d. Tiger

Ripley - Ripley defeats the alien by forcing it out into space.What is the name of the character that Sigourney Weaver plays in the movie "Alien"?

a. Ripley
b. Dallas
c. Kane
d. Ash

Supernatural detective - Christian Slater plays the character.What is the occupation of the character Edward Carnby in the film "Alone in the Dark"?

a. Supernatural detective
b. FBI agent
c. Tabloid journalist
d. Photographer

Nepal - Ted is bitten by a werewolf but survives. His girlfriend dies in the attack.In the cult film "Bad Moon", where is Ted and his girlfriend attacked?

a. Nepal
b. The Andes
c. Colorado
d. Alaska

Kyzyl Kum Desert - Starring Sybil Temtchine and Ogy Durham, the movie was released in 2005.In the horror movie "The Cavern", where is the mysterious cavern located?

a. Sahara Desert
b. The Namib
c. Kyzyl Kum Desert
d. Blue Desert

30 Days of Night - The movie is about a group of vampires in Alaska.In the year 2008, which horror film did David Slade direct?

a. Twilight
b. The Hills Have Eyes
c. The Fog
d. 30 Days of Night

Absentia - The movie had a website called Kickstarter.Which movie's photography costs were partially funded by a website?

a. The Fog
b. Absentia
c. After Life
d. The Mist

The sister - Alice is suspected of killing her younger sister Karen.Who is the prime suspect in the horror movie "Alice Sweet Alice"?

a. The brother
b. The uncle
c. The sister
d. The stepfather

6 - Andy Barclay gets the doll from his mother.In the film "Child's Play", how old is the boy who gets the doll?

a. 13
b. 6
c. 10
d. 8

Gatlin - Burt and Vicky pass through Gatlin on their way to Seattle. While in the town, they uncover a strange cult.What is the name of the town in the horror movie "Children of the Corn"?

a. Gainsburgh
b. Gatlin
c. Springfield
d. Boise

His wife - The story is about a character named Jonathon Rivers who is trying to locate his missing wife.In the film White Noise, who is the main character trying to contact?

a. His father
b. Her mother
c. His wife
d. Her husband

Christmas - The two students are trying to get home for the holidays, but get stuck while taking a shortcut.Wind Chill is about two college students heading home. What holiday is involved?

a. New Year’s
b. Christmas
c. Easter
d. Thanksgiving

YellowBrickRoad - The people of this town disappeared in 1940. Many of them were found frozen on the mountain.Which of these movies is about the entire population of a town disappearing?

a. YellowBrickRoad
b. Child's Play
c. Wrong Turn
d. Wolf Creek

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