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Pigs by law in England must be provided with toys.

By law you must have a hunting licence to catch mice in Cleveland Ohio.

The skin of a tiger is striped not it's fur.

The first state to allow woman to vote was Wyoming.

A large statue of Winnie-the-Pooh is in Lima Peru.

There is twenty feet of blood vessels in each square inch of human skin.

The can was invented 48 years before the can opener.

To make one sugar cube you need one yard of sugarcane.

In Central Park it is a crime to go swimming.

If they can't find food some ribbon worms will eat themselves.

Hemp paper was used to write The Declaration of Independence.

Dodge engines were used in the first Ford cars.

When you sneeze it is impossible to keep your eyes open.

To keep himself cool Babe Ruth had a cabbage leaf under his cap. It is a crime in France to sell a doll without a human face.

It is a crime in Russia to drive a dirty car.

Gorillas can use human birth control pills.

To avoid having an unlucky third marriage a Hindu man would marry a tree. This could then be burnt, leaving him free to marry again.

Cow attacks occur more often than shark attacks.

The 'Speaker' in the British House of parliament is not permitted to speak.

To prevent crying while cutting onions, chew gum.

The color blue can be seen by owls.

Male mosquitoes do not bite.

Bees kill more people every year than snakes.

A skein is a group of flying geese.

If you put a porcupine in water it will float.

A dentist invented the electric chair.




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