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Vlad the Impaler - Vlad was born in about 1431.Which of the following historical characters was the basis for some of today's vampire stories?

a. Vlad the Impaler
b. Tamerlane
c. Kublai Khan
d. Ivan the Terrible

Bram Stoker - Two years after Bram Stoker's death, a short story titled 'Dracula's Guest' was posthumously published.Published in 1887, which of the following authors penned the book "Dracula"?

a. Ray Bradbury
b. Bram Stoker
c. Mary Shelley
d. Ian Fleming

Louis - Tom Cruise played the role of Lestat.What was the name of the vampire character that Brad Pitt played in the film "Interview with a Vampire - The Vampire Chronicles"?

a. Lestat
b. Louis
c. Vlad
d. Danielle

Garlic - Garlic worn around one's neck is said to keep vampires from biting.Which spice is reputed to repel vampires?

a. Pepper
b. Garlic
c. Thyme
d. Salt

A clutch - They have also been referred to as a pack, a coven, and a brood.What is a group of vampires called?

a. A murder
b. A clutch
c. A herd
d. A pod

Sesame Street - Count von Count is a Muppet.On which well-known television series might you see Count von Count?

a. The Adams Family
b. The Munsters
c. Sesame Street
d. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A stone monument - Dolmens have been found over graves in Europe. They are supposed to keep vampires from rising.Dating from the early Neolithic period (4000 to 3000 BC), what is a dolmen?

a. A blessed gemstone
b. A knife
c. A stone monument
d. A special casket

Wolf - Only very strong vampires have this ability.What animal can Chinese vampires transform into?

a. Dragon
b. Bear
c. Tiger
d. Wolf

Corpse hopper - Chiang Shih were said to have red eyes and claws.Found in popular Chinese mythology, what does Chiang Shih translate to?

a. Blood lover
b. Undead monster
c. Grave robber
d. Corpse hopper

Secrets of House No. 5 - Secrets of House No. 5 came out in 1912. Nosferatu appeared in 1922.What was the first film to feature vampires?

a. The Night of the Dead
b. Nosferatu
c. Secrets of House No. 5
d. Dracula

Carmilla - The novel was first published in 1871. What was the name of the female vampire in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's novel of the same name?

a. Mary
b. Sarah
c. Carmilla
d. Elizabeth

Glogalve - Glogaves are said to have the ability to slay vampires. The term Gloglave is Bulgarian.An unborn baby whose father is vampire is called what?

a. A sinpire
b. A demigog
c. A dejinn
d. Glogalve

A cat jumping on the body before burial - A person who was once a werewolf or practiced sorcery also could become a vampire.Which of these events might change a person into a vampire?

a. Eating a sheep that was killed by a wolf
b. All of the above
c. A cat jumping on the body before burial
d. A seventh son

Watermelon - This was also true of pumpkins. Some people felt that the fruit would turn if it was not eaten within ten days.What kind of fruit did some people in the Balkans believe would turn into a vampire if not eaten before Christmas?

a. Cranberries
b. Watermelon
c. Apples
d. Oranges

Hungary - Countess Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed is known for being one of the most prolific serial killers in history.With many stories, which attribute to her vampire-like tendencies, where did Elizabeth Bathory call home?

a. Turkey
b. Slovakia
c. Hungary
d. Romania

John Polidori - 'The Vampyre' was first published on 1 April 1819 in the New Monthly Magazine. Who is credited with writing the first vampire story "The Vampyre"?

a. Charles Dickens
b. Mary Shelley
c. Bram Stoker
d. John Polidori

A cross - In some stories, holy water can also be used.Which of these objects is said to repel a vampire?

a. A silver candlestick
b. A bible
c. A cross
d. A mirror

Count Orlok - Nosfetatu is known as the 'Bird of Death'.In the film Nosferatu, what is the name of the vampire?

a. Count Orlok
b. Lord Byon
c. Duke Vlad
d. Emperor Bathory

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