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Geography Trivia Questions #19

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Ljubljana - Slovenia is bordered by Italy, Croatia and Austria.What is the capital of Slovenia?

a. Monrovia
b. Paramaribo
c. Ljubljana
d. Ulaanbaatar

Alps - One of the highest peaks in the Alps, the Matterhorn is on the border between Switzerland and Italy. The Matterhorn Mountain can be found in which mountain chain?

a. Appalachians
b. Alps
c. Andes
d. Rockies

Florida - Cape Canaveral used to be called Cape Kennedy.Part of a region known as the Space Coast, where is the famous Cape Canaveral?

a. Hawaii
b. Alaska
c. New York
d. Florida

The Mediterranean - The Rhone River is 813 km long.The Rhone River empties into which body of water?

a. Hudson Bay
b. The Gulf of Mexico
c. The Bering Sea
d. The Mediterranean

Congo - Kinshasa is the third largest urban area in Africa.The largest city in the nation, Kinshasa is the capital of which country?

a. Cuba
b. New Guinea
c. Congo
d. Trinidad

Paris - The full name of the cathedral is Notre Dame de Paris, which translates to Our Lady of Paris.In which city would you find the "Notre Dame Cathedral"?

a. Vatican City
b. Amsterdam
c. Rome
d. Paris

Stonehenge - It is believed that Stonehenge may date back to prehistoric times.What famous landmark is near Salisbury?

a. Stonehenge
b. The Golden Gate Bridge
c. The Arc de Triumph
d. The CN Tower

The British Government HQ - In the UK, the building is often referred to as Number 10.What is located at 10 Downing Street?

a. The Eifel Tower
b. Abraham Lincoln's home
c. The British Government HQ
d. White House

Venice - In Italian, the square is called the Piazza San Marco.In which city would you find Saint Mark's Square?

a. Toronto
b. Chicago
c. Venice
d. Copenhagen

A shrine - The Dome of the Rock is located in Jerusalem.What is the "Dome of the Rock"?

a. A bridge
b. A castle
c. A shrine
d. A mountain

Kaaba - Also known as the Sacred House, the Cube is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.Which famous building is sometimes referred to as "The Cube"?

a. Royal Albert Hall
b. Hagia Sophia
c. The Kremlin
d. Kaaba

Paris - The hill is 130 metres high and can be found in the north of Paris.Owing its name to the martyrdom of Saint Denis, in which city would you find the sacred hill named "Montmartre"?

a. Berlin
b. London
c. Washington D. C.
d. Paris

New Orleans - This area is also called the Vieux Carre.If you wanted to see the French Quarter, what city would you have to visit?

a. Montreal
b. New Orleans
c. Damascus
d. Paris

The Prado - The Padro is an art museum.Which of these landmarks can be found in Madrid?

a. Montmartre
b. The Louvre
c. The Prado
d. The Guggenheim

Florida - Sawgrass marshes make up a large part of the Everglades.The Everglades are located in which U.S. state?

a. California
b. Texas
c. Hawaii
d. Florida

Greenland - There is also a Cape Farewell in New Zealand and in the UK.A headland on the southern shore of Eggers Island, in which country would you find Cape Farewell?

a. Greenland
b. Russia
c. Finland
d. Canada

Libreville - Gabon is a sovereign state in Africa.What is the capital city of Gabon?

a. Libreville
b. Belmopan
c. Bangui
d. Mbabane

Central Asia - The mountainous country borders Afghanistan.Where is the Republic of Tajikstan located?

a. Central Asia
b. The Middle East
c. Central America
d. Antarctica

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