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Australia Geography Trivia Questions #2

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South - Tasmania is located about 250 km off Australia's southern coast.Tasmania is off which coast?

a. East
b. North
c. West
d. South

The Bass Strait - This body of water is named after George Bass.Which body of water separates Australia and Tasmania?

a. The Sulu Sea
b. The Makassar Strait
c. The Bass Strait
d. The Savu Sea

Northern Territory - This large rock is also called Uluru.In which territory would you find Ayer's Rock?

a. New South Wales
b. Northern Territory
c. Queensland
d. Western Australia

2,600 km - The reef consists of over 900 islands.How long is the Great Barrier Reef?

a. 800 km
b. 1,500 km
c. 3,100 km
d. 2,600 km

Tasmania - A former convict settlement, Port Arthur is now an open-air museum.Where is Port Arthur?

a. Tiwi Island
b. Kangaroo Island
c. Tasmania
d. New South Wales

Bathurst Island - Bathurst Island is 2,600 km2.Which of these islands is in the Timor Sea?

a. Nicol Island
b. Bathurst Island
c. Morgan Island
d. Bickerton Island

The Darling River - The other rivers are in South America.Which of these rivers would you find in Australia?

a. The Javary River
b. The Lawa River
c. The Apa River
d. The Darling River

6th - Australia has a total area of 7,686,850 square kilometers.Where does Australia rank in terms of the world's largest countries?

a. 10th
b. 17th
c. 23rd
d. 6th

Wreck Bay - St. George's Basin also borders this territory.Which of these bays borders the Jervis Bay Territory?

a. Austin Bay
b. Wreck Bay
c. William Bay
d. Geographe Bay

Seram Island - Seram Island is a part of Indonesia.Which of these islands is not a part of Australia?

a. Norfolk Island
b. Seram Island
c. Cocos Island
d. Christmas Island

Brisbane - Queensland is often called the Sunshine State.What is the capital of Queensland?

a. Brisbane
b. Alice Springs
c. Perth
d. Albury

Victoria - Victoria is the most populated area in Australia.In which state would you find Barwon River, Ovens River, Goulburn River and the King River?

a. Southern Australia
b. Western Australia
c. Queensland
d. Victoria

Mount McClintock - Mount McClintock is 3,490 feet high.Which of these is the highest mountain?

a. Mount McClintock
b. Mount Woodroffe
c. Miount Ossa
d. Mount Zeil

Victoria - Mount Bogong is located in Alpine National Park. In which territory would you find Mount Bogong?

a. Victoria
b. Western Australia
c. South Australia
d. Tasmania

Northern Territory - The Northern Territory has an area of 520,902 square miles.Darwin is the capital of which territory?

a. Northern Territory
b. Tasmania
c. Christmas Island
d. Western Australia

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