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General Knowledge Trivia Questions #106

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Windpipe - The trachea is a tube that connects the pharynx and larynx to the lungs.Which part of the human body is also called the "Trachea"?

a. Windpipe
b. Voice Box
c. Heart Valve
d. Ear Canal

1929 - Black Tuesday was the greatest stock market crash in the history of the United States.Known as Black Tuesday, in which year did the great "Wall Street Crash" occur?

a. 1951
b. 1938
c. 1929
d. 1931

Dancing in the Dark - Dancing in the Dark was released on the album 'Born in the U.S.A.'Released in 1984, which Bruce Springsteen song was the first to win a Grammy?

a. Up All Night
b. Born to Run
c. Born in the USA
d. Dancing in the Dark

Albus Dumbledore - Dumbledore is the headmaster of the wizarding school Hogwarts.Richard Harris played the role of which character in the "Harry Potter" films?

a. Severus Snape
b. Peter Pettigrew
c. Albus Dumbledore
d. Rubeus Hagrid

Seattle - Grey's Anatomy made its debut on March 27, 2005.In which city is the medical drama TV series "Grey's Anatomy" set?

a. New York
b. Denver
c. Seattle
d. Sacramento

1 - The world's smallest country is the Vatican.How many countries in the world are smaller than Monaco?

a. 29
b. 18
c. 6
d. 1

Babylon - Hammurabi had a reputation as a 'lawgiver'.Reigning from 1792 BC to 1750 BC, Hammurabi was the sixth king of what empire?

a. Rome
b. Athens
c. Babylon
d. Israel

The Hollies - Nash has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. With 'Crosby, Stills and Nash' and with 'The Hollies'.Graham Nash first saw fame as a member of which popular British band?

a. The Hollies
b. The Yardbirds
c. The Kinks
d. The Byrds

15th - The press was in operation by the year 1450.Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press during what century?

a. 13th
b. 17th
c. 15th
d. 19th

Car Racing - Fernando is a Spanish Formula One racing driver.A double World Champion, "Fernando Alonso" is major figure in which sport?

a. Wrestling
b. Swimming
c. Car Racing
d. Boxing

George Orwell - Orwell's best-known works are Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm.What is the famous English author Eric Arthur Blair's pen name?

a. John Steinbeck
b. Thomas Hardy
c. Charles Dickens
d. George Orwell

Serbia - The name Belgrade translates to 'White city'.With a population of approximately 1.25 million, Belgrade is the capital city of which country?

a. Montenegro
b. Bulgaria
c. Hungary
d. Serbia

Memory - Completed in 1931, The Persistence of Memory is one of Dali's most recognizable works.Complete the title to this famous painting by Salvador Dali - "The Persistence of..."?

a. Pain
b. Love
c. Memory
d. Time

Electrical Resistance - Named after physicist Georg Simon Ohm.Ohms are a measure of what?

a. Speed of Light
b. Earthquakes
c. Temperature
d. Electrical Resistance

Italy - Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa.Located by the Mediterranean Sea, which European country is closest to "Tunisia"?

a. Spain
b. Italy
c. Croatia
d. Albania

Neptune - Neptune is seventeen times the mass of Earth.Which planet is the farthest from the sun?

a. Mars
b. Neptune
c. Saturn
d. Uranus

London - Over 10,750 athletes participated in the games.Running from July 27th to August 12th, which city hosted the 2012 Summer Olympic Games?

a. Beijing
b. London
c. Barcelona
d. Athens

J.J. Barrie - No Charge was initially released by Melba Montgomery in 1974.Released in 1976, who hit number one with a cover of the song "No Charge"?

a. Paper Lace
b. Tina Charles
c. J.J. Barrie
d. Kiki Dee

House - According to its writers, Sherlock Holmes served as an inspiration for the show.Hugh Laurie is the star of which popular medical TV drama that aired for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012?

a. Scrubs
b. ER
c. Grey's Anatomy
d. House

Aretha Franklin - Aretha began her career singing gospel at her father's church.                                        Which American singer-songwriter is known as the "Queen of Soul"?

a. Aretha Franklin
b. Dionne Warwick
c. Etta James
d. Whitney Houston

World War I - The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28th, 1919.The Treaty of Versailles ended the state of hostilities between Germany and the Allied Powers during which war?

a. Kosovo War
b. World War II
c. Bosnian War
d. World War I

Al Capone - Capone was jailed for tax evasion in 1932 and was released after serving eight years.Which infamous American crime lord had the nickname "Scarface" due to a knife scar on the left side of his face?

a. Al Capone
b. Frank Lucas
c. Angelo Bruno
d. Frank Scalice

Great Expectations - Dicken's thirteenth novel, Great Expectations was published in 1861.Written by Charles Dickens, which classic novel tells the story of an orphan nicknamed Pip?

a. The Battle of Life
b. A Christmas Carol
c. Great Expectations
d. Barnaby Rudge

Gordie Howe - Gordie played 1,767 games during his career. Mark Messier comes in second at 1,756 games played.Playing from 1946 to 1980, which NHL superstar holds the record for most games played?

a. Mark Messier
b. Chris Chelios
c. Jean Beliveau
d. Gordie Howe

Robert Walpole - Walpole is regarded by many as one of the greatest politicians in British history.Serving nearly 21 years from 1721 to 1742, who was Great Britain's first prime minister?

a. Robert Walpole
b. Spencer Compton
c. Henry Pelham
d. William Cavendish

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