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General Knowledge Trivia Questions #123

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New Jersey - The entire island is owned by the U.S. federal government.The United States Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on May 26, 1998 that "Ellis Island" is part of which US state?

a. Delaware
b. Connecticut
c. New York
d. New Jersey

Four - A cat has five toes on each front paw.How many toes does a cat have on each of its hind paws?

a. Four
b. Six
c. Three
d. Five

Russia - Mongolia is the 18th largest country in the world.China and what other country border the landlocked sovereign state of Mongolia?

a. Russia
b. Kazakhstan
c. North Korea
d. Afghanistan

Sean Astin - Astin played the role of Mikey Walsh in the Goonies.What actor played the hobbit "Samwise Gamgee" in "Lord of the Rings", and was a child star in the film "The Goonies"?

a. Jeff Cohen
b. Josh Brolin
c. Sean Astin
d. Corey Feldman

Achluophobia - The fear of the dark is also known as nyctophobia.What phobia is defined as the fear of darkness?

a. Disposophobia
b. Vehophobia
c. Agoraphobia
d. Achluophobia

Red and white - Red and white make pink.What two colors when mixed together form the color orange?

a. Yellow and green
b. Red and white
c. Blue and red
d. Red and yellow

Battalion - A battalion consists of up to 800 soldiers.Which of the following military units represents the largest amount of soldiers?

a. Battalion
b. Squad
c. Platoon
d. Company

Platoon - Written and directed by Oliver Stone, Platoon won the Best Picture Academy Award. One of Johnny Depp's earliest film roles was as Private Gator Lerner in what Academy Award winning war film?

a. Born on the Fourth of July
b. Platoon
c. Full Metal Jacket
d. Apocalypse Now

Biathlon - The distance to the targets is 160 feet.What winter sport combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting at targets?

a. Biathlon
b. Luge
c. Rifle Skeet
d. Alpine Skiing

Boyz II Men - Boyz II Men formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1985.The 2004 covers album "Throwback Vol. 1" was released by which rhythm and blues band?

a. Four Tops
b. The Drifters
c. The Temptations
d. Boyz II Men

New York - The New York Yankees formed in 1901.                                            The Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the "Yankees", are located in what US city?

a. New York
b. Tama Bay
c. Chicago
d. Boston

Genoa - The Genoa Lemon is similar to the Eureka Lemon.                    What Italian city shares its name with a variety of lemon?

a. Turin
b. Rome
c. Milan
d. Genoa

Spring - Persephone is also known as the queen of the underworld.The daughter of Zeus, "Persephone" is the Greek Goddess of which season?

a. Spring
b. Winter
c. Fall
d. Summer

World War I - World War I took place from Jul 28, 1914 to Nov 11, 1918.Which of the following four historic events happened first?

a. World War I
b. Treaty of Versailles
c. Mussolini seizes Power
d. USSR Formed

Coca Cola - Coca Cola was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton.What was initially marketed as a tonic or medicine, contained extracts of cocaine and kola nut?

a. Ale
b. Coca Cola
c. Green Tea
d. Coffee

Memphis - Memphis is the second largest city in the state of Tennessee (Nashville is the largest)."Bluff City" is the nickname of which US city?

a. Memphis
b. Chicago
c. Las Vegas
d. New York City

Wheel of Fortune - Wheel of Fortune made its debut on February 8, 1952.What number-one song by Kay Starr shares its name with a TV game show?

a. Deal or No Deal
b. Wheel of Fortune
c. Jeopardy
d. Price is Right

Sheep - Feta is sometimes made from a blend of sheep's and goat's milk.Traditionally, the milk of which animal is used to make Feta cheese?

a. Pig
b. Cow
c. Buffalo
d. Sheep

The Terminator - Terminator 2 - Judgement Day was co-written, produced and directed by James Cameron.The 1991 science-fiction action film "Judgement Day" is the sequel to which 1984 movie?

a. Moon
b. Stalker
c. The Matrix
d. The Terminator

24 - There are 8 pints in a gallon.How many US pints are there in three US gallons?

a. 24
b. 16
c. 8
d. 32

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