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Fun Facts Trivia Quiz #13

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Month - Month is the only one that can be a different unit of time - 28, 29, 30 or 31 days.From the following list of four items, which one is the odd one out?

a. Week
b. Fortnight
c. Day
d. Month

Edmonton - The sundae cost $7000 to construct.Weighing in at an astounding 54,917 pounds, the world's largest ice cream sundae was made in which Canadian city in 1988?

a. Toronto
b. Edmonton
c. Winnipeg
d. Calgary

Alfred Binet - Named the Binet-Simon scale, the scale consisted of thirty tasks, which increased in difficulty.In an effort to identify students for special education, who developed the first I.Q. test in the early 1900s?

a. Charles Spearman
b. Edward Thorndike
c. William Stern
d. Alfred Binet

James Cook - Cook is credited with the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia.I am an 18th century explorer and navigator who mapped the Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. Who am I?

a. Francis Drake
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Ferdinand Magellan
d. James Cook

98 - Add 96 to both ages and you get the answer.When I was four years old, my sister was half my age. Now I am 100 years old. How old is my sister?

a. 60
b. 88
c. 98
d. 50

Art Garfunkel - Once a member of the folk duo Simon and Garfunkel, Art has received six Grammys.Simon says, but I didn't do. I also acted in the movie "Catch 22". Who am I?

a. Phil Alvin
b. Bob Dylan
c. James Taylor
d. Art Garfunkel

Fruit Juice - Outside North America, jelly most often refers to a gelatin-based dessert.Jams are made from fruits. What are jellies made from?

a. Water and Sugar
b. Fruit Juice
c. Artificial Flavors
d. Candies

200 Feet - The record was set at Universal City in Los Angeles.In January of 2008, Clint Ewing set the record for the longest motorcycle ride through a tunnel of fire. How long was the tunnel?

a. 200 Feet
b. 100 Feet
c. 300 Feet
d. 500 Feet

Black - They also believed that the dye helped to maintain healthier teeth.Believing that it enhanced their sex appeal, Japanese woman dyed their teeth during the 19th century. What color of dye did they use?

a. Red
b. Black
c. Blue
d. Purple

Six - Bell was awarded the first US patent for the telephone in 1876.When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone back in 1876, how many phones did he sell in the first month of operation?

a. Six Thousand
b. Six Hundred
c. Six
d. Sixty

40 Percent - Among men, only 11 percent dye their hair.According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, how many women dye their hair in the United States?

a. 30 Percent
b. 25 Percent
c. 60 Percent
d. 40 Percent

Rats - Originating in Asia, the best-known rat species are the black rat and the brown rat.What animal is responsible for destroying an estimated third of the world's food supply each year?

a. Beavers
b. Rats
c. Grasshoppers
d. Flies

Basketball - Naismith was born in Canada and later moved to the US.With the intention of inventing a game to occupy students between the football and baseball seasons, what sport did James Naismith create in 1891?

a. Polo
b. Hockey
c. Basketball
d. Golf

56 - Africa is the world's second-largest continent and accounts for about 15 percent of the world's human population.Including Morocco and Somaliland, how many recognized countries (or states) are there in Africa?

a. 26
b. 56
c. 36
d. 46

Shirley Maclaine - In 2012, Maclaine received an AFI Life Achievement Award.Making my screen debut in the 1956 movie, "The Trouble with Harry," I am a four-time winner of the "Best Actress" Golden Globe award. Who am I?

a. Shirley Maclaine
b. Sally Field
c. Meryl Streep
d. Shirley Temple

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