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8 hours - Maybe this is why there are so few early pictures.How long would you have to sit still for the very first camera?

a. Thirty seconds
b. 8 hours
c. Twenty minutes
d. One hour

Mongolia - There are seven men who operate the craft.Which country's Navy consists of a single tugboat?

a. Bolivia
b. Denmark
c. Ethiopia
d. Mongolia

Japan - Employers sometimes hand out assignments based on a person's blood type.Which country's employers might ask for a blood test?

a. Afghanistan
b. Columbia
c. Mexico
d. Japan

Cow - They believed this sacrifice would ensure that the sun would return.What kind of bones would Druids throw into the fire on Samhain?

a. Human
b. Wolf
c. Bat
d. Cow

Barmbrack - People would bake various ingredients into the bread.Which Halloween food was used as a fortune telling game?

a. Popcorn balls
b. Pumpkin pie
c. Candy Corn
d. Barmbrack

The tenth - John was elected in 1841.John Tyler was which President?

a. The twenty-third
b. The fifth
c. The sixteenth
d. The tenth

Birds - Hundreds of Starlings landed on the hands of the clock, causing Ben to fall behind.In 1949, what caused Big Ben to fall behind?

a. Broken cog
b. A fire
c. The War
d. Birds

Arctic fox - Arctic Fox can endure temperatures below -50 Celsius.Which animal has the warmest pelt?

a. Polar bear
b. Lemming
c. Arctic fox
d. Harbor seal

Scurvy - Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C.Which disease cost Captain Cook forty-one men?

a. Polio
b. Tuberculosis
c. Small pox
d. Scurvy

Crow - The crow is considered to be the fifth smartest creature.What creature gets cars to break nuts for them?

a. Crow
b. Chipmunk
c. Squirrel
d. Raccoon

Russian - The dogs were trained to run under German tanks.Which army tied bombs to the backs of dogs during WWII?

a. Greek
b. German
c. British
d. Russian

14 million - It is estimated that there are more than 30 million slaves in the world today.Approximately, how many slaves are there in India?

a. Zero
b. 500 thousand
c. 1 million
d. 14 million

Scorpion - These creatures would be placed inside a sack with you.If you killed your father in ancient Rome, which of these creatures would not be involved in your punishment?

a. Viper
b. Rooster
c. Dog
d. Scorpion

Mexico - The oldest, tallest and biggest trees can be found in California.Where is the world's "widest" tree located?

a. Mexico
b. French Guyana
c. America
d. Sweden

Giraffe - The giraffe communicates by vibrating the air around its neck.Which of these animals has no vocal chords?

a. Dog
b. Monkey
c. Cat
d. Giraffe

15 billion - One of the few charioteers not to die, Diocles retired at the age of 42.How much money would the famous chariot racer Gaius Diocles have made in today's money?

a. 15 billion
b. 5 billion
c. 17 million
d. 40 billion

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