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Fun Facts Trivia Quiz #4

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Herbivores - Gorillas live in family groups.What are gorillas?

a. Herbivores
b. Diurnal
c. Omnivores
d. Carnivores

Green anaconda - The green anaconda can weigh up to 550 pounds.What kind of snake is the world's heaviest?

a. Adder
b. Python
c. Asp
d. Green anaconda

Tortoises - The noises were recordings of mating tortoises.What animal sounds were used for the velociraptors in the movie Jurassic Park?

a. Komodo dragons
b. Tortoises
c. Whales
d. Crickets

940 - The Sound of Music was released in 1965.The world record holder, how many times has Myra Franklin watched the Sound of Music?

a. 835
b. 940
c. 762
d. 940

Growing above the soil - Growers refer to this as sunscald.Why do some potatoes have green patches?

a. The kind of potato
b. Overuse of fertilizer
c. Growing above the soil
d. Mold

The Lion King - Disney says that the letters spell SFX.According to many posts found on the Internet, which Disney movie has the word "Sex" written in the sky?

a. Tarzan
b. Tangled
c. The Lion King
d. Mulan

Elvis Presley - This passage can be found in Mathew 19.24.Whose favorite bible passage was "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."?

a. Martin Luther King
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Pope John Paul II
d. Elvis Presley

1 in 3 - Cats are the number one pet in the United States.How many pet owners claim to have talked to their pet on the phone?

a. 1 in 3
b. 1 in 5
c. 1 in 20
d. 1 in 10

To stay together - By holding hands, the otters will not float away from each other.According to researchers, why do otters hold hands while sleeping?

a. To make themselves look larger to predators
b. Indicates a bonded pair
c. Love
d. To stay together

Anne Rice - Anne was originally upset when she learned that Tom Cruise had been cast as Lestat.Who wrote the novel "Interview with a Vampire"?

a. Anne Rice
b. Orson Wells
c. Dean Koontz
d. Edgar Rice Burroughs

A house - It is now illegal to mail houses in America.What did a person mail that weighed 40,000-tons?

a. A tank
b. A train engine
c. A plane
d. A house

Brazil - The Wandering Spider is one of the deadliest spiders in the world.Where would you find a Wandering Spider?

a. Thailand
b. Brazil
c. Iran
d. Kenya

800 pounds - These enormous reptiles can live for 170 years.How much can a Gallipolis Tortoise weigh?

a. 800 pounds
b. 200 pounds
c. 75 pounds
d. 500 pounds

5 - The Earth's circumference is 40,075 km. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes.How many times will the average person walk around the world during their life?

a. 11
b. 1
c. 7
d. 5

Men - Men get more tickets, but women are more likely to contest them.Who gets more speeding tickets?

a. Seniors
b. Teenagers
c. Women
d. Men

A light bulb - Your brain generates between 10 and 23 watts of power.What could you power with your brain's energy?

a. A light bulb
b. A television
c. A microwave
d. A toaster

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