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Childrens Trivia Questions E9

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To prevent getting a disease - Vaccines are given to prevent a person from contracting a disease.Why would a person get a vaccine?

a. To cure a disease
b. To prevent getting a disease
c. To help with allergies
d. To stop a rash

Washington, D.C. - Washington D.C. borders the state of Virginia.What is the capital of the United States?

a. Boston
b. New York
c. Chicago
d. Washington, D.C.

South Park - South Park first aired in 1997.Which of these popular television shows is set in Colorado?

a. South Park
b. The Simpsons
c. The Flintstones
d. Batman

The equator - The prime meridian runs from north to south around the globe.What is the imaginary line around the earth called?

a. The tropic of Capricorn
b. The tropic of cancer
c. The equator
d. The prime meridian

Blue - Marge is the mother of the three Simpson children.What color is Marge Simpson’s, from the Simpsons, hair?

a. Green
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Yellow

James - Harry Potter is eleven at the beginning of the books.What is Harry Potter's middle name?

a. Michael
b. Paul
c. Tom
d. James

Blue whale - A blue whale's whistle can be heard miles away.Which animal makes the loudest sound?

a. Elephant
b. Lion
c. Blue whale
d. Wolf

Abner - Santa has nine reindeer, if you include Rudolph.Which of these is not one of Santa's reindeer?

a. Cupid
b. Blitzen
c. Donner
d. Abner

Cub - A Joey is a baby kangaroo.What is the correct term for a baby bear?

a. Cub
b. Puppy
c. Joey
d. Siglet

A rat - The book was written by E.B. White.In the novel, Charlotte's Web, what kind of animal is Templeton?

a. A goose
b. A sheep
c. A rat
d. A duck

Olaf - The movie was released in 2013.What is the name of the living snowman in the hit movie "Frozen"?

a. Frosty
b. Chilly
c. Olaf
d. Bitters

Archery - You might also hear the terms arrow, fletch and target.In which sport would you hear the terms "nock" and "bow"?

a. Bowling
b. Hockey
c. Tennis
d. Archery

Clouds - High level clouds form above 6,000 meters.Cirrus, nimbus and stratus are all types of what?

a. Herbs
b. Clouds
c. Insects
d. Dogs

24 - There are sixty minutes in every hour.How many hours are in a day?

a. 20
b. 12
c. 24
d. 36

Snake - Boas are non-venomous snakes.What kind of animal is a boa?

a. Snake
b. Bird
c. Lizard
d. Monkey

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