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The Princess Bride Quiz III

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S. Morgenstern - William Goldman is the actual author, but his name is not mentioned in the movie!According to the Grandfather, who wrote the book?

a. Nora Roberts
b. Lewis Arnold
c. S. Morgenstern
d. William Goldman

Sucks years of life from the victim - Westley is attached to the machine when he and Buttercup surrender to Humperdinck. Count Rugen was What does "the machine" do?

a. Sucks years of life from the victim
b. Makes the victim stupid
c. Boils the victims blood
d. Breaks the victims bones one by one

An Old Woman - An old woman boos her during her dream. It is because of her words that she decides to call off the wedding with Humperdinck and to try to reunite with Westley.Who boos Buttercup and calls her the queen of muck and slime?

a. Vizzini
b. Yellin
c. An Old Woman
d. The former princess of Florin

Yellin - He works for the king and he and his men guard the castle gate during Buttercup and Humperdinck's wedding.What is the name of the gatekeeper?

a. Grim Reaper
b. Yellin
c. Dranger
d. Ruben

A brute squad member - He becomes a member of the brute squad. His job is to clear the village that surrounds the castle so that he won't have any issues with his wedding. Fezzik reunites with Inigo while he is working.What job does Fezzik get after Vizzini's death?

a. A miracle maker
b. A baker
c. A castle guard
d. A brute squad member

His father guides his sword - His father guides his sword into the space right above the knot. When he realizes that this is not the right place, he sighs and leans against the tree, right into the exact place the knot lies.How does Inigo find the secret knot to open the Pit of Despair?

a. They watch the albino open it
b. He trips and falls into it
c. By trial and error
d. His father guides his sword

A chocolate coating - According to Miracle Max and Valerie, a chocolate coating helps it go down easier! However, one must wait 15 minutes for full potency and one cannot swim for at least an hour after taking it!What makes the pill from Miracle Max go down easier?

a. Milk
b. Water
c. Peanut butter
d. A chocolate coating

Mostly Dead - He says that Westley is only mostly dead, so he is still slightly alive. When he asks Westley what he wishes to live for he replies 'True Love.'How does Miracle Max describe Westley's condition?

a. Mostly Dead
b. Hopeless
c. Completely Alive
d. All Dead

A wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak - He needs a wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak. They got the wheelbarrow from the albino and the holocaust cloak from Miracle Max's because it 'fit so nice.'What two things does Westley say they need to get past the castle guards to crash the wedding?

a. A wheelbarrow and explosives
b. Explosives and a sword
c. A wheelbarrow and a sword
d. A wheelbarrow and a holocaust cloak

Piracy - He suggests piracy. Earlier in the movie, he says he wants to hand the pirate ship, What job does Westley suggest to Inigo as they are leaving the castle?

a. Piracy
b. A Sword Maker
c. A Butcher
d. A Story Teller

Iocane powder - Iocane is actually a fictional poison. However, in the movie, its poisonous properties are very real. Westley was able to develop an immunity to this toxin and survived the battle of wits because of his immunity!What poisonous substance was placed into the wine glasses during the Battle of Wits?

a. Cyanide powder
b. Iocane powder
c. Hemlock
d. Hydrofluorine

Miracle Man - Westley was never referred to as Miracle Man. He did, however, visit Miracle Max, who was a miracle man! Miracle Max brought him back to life to 'humiliate' Prince Humperdinck.Westley was referred to by all of these names except which?

a. The Man in Black
b. Farm Boy
c. Miracle Man
d. The Dread Pirate Roberts

What does The Dread Pirate Roberts say that reveals his true identity?

a. "I love you"
b. "Marry me"
c. "It is me, darling"
d. "As you wish"

The Albino - The albino was the one who tended to Westley's injuries (the ones he sustained from the Fire swamp). He was healing Westley because Count Rugen and Humperdinck wanted him to be healthy before he was tortured.Who tended to Westley's injuries in the Pit of Despair?

a. Miracle Max
b. Buttercup
c. Count Rugen
d. The Albino

Prince Humperdinck - Prince Humperdinck was the mastermind behind the abduction. He wanted them to kill Buttercup on the Guildar frontier so that Florin would go to war with Guildar.Who hired Vizzini, Fezzik, and Inigo to kill Buttercup?

a. Prince Humperdinck
b. Count Rugen
c. Vizzini
d. Fezzik

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