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The Princess Bride Quiz II

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Florin City - Humperdinck announced his marriage in Florin City, where he was prince. He was to marry Princess Buttercup, who, until discovered by the prince, was just a commoner.In which city did Humperdinck make his marriage announcement?

a. Guildar
b. Cliffs of Insanity
c. Florin City
d. Vizzini

Fenigo - Her abductors were Inigo Montoya, Fezzik, and Vizzini. Inigo had the steel, Fezzik the strength, and Vizzini was the brains for the operation.Which of the following was not the name of one of Buttercup's abductors?

a. Fenigo
b. Inigo Montoya
c. Fezzik
d. Vizzini

Shrieking eels - In the movie, the shrieking eels were the danger in the water! In the book, the water was infested with sharks!What creatures surrounded Buttercup in the water when she tried to escape?

a. Stingrays
b. Piranhas
c. Giant Sharks
d. Shrieking eels

Red/Orange - Buttercup's dress is reddish orange when she is kidnapped by Vizzini, Fezzik and Inigo. She is seen in many different dresses throughout the movie, but she spends almost half of the movie in this particular dress.What color is Buttercup's dress when she is kidnapped?

a. Dark Brown
b. Red/Orange
c. Purple
d. Mint Green

Count Rugen - Count Rugen was the six fingered man. Inigo had been searching for him for 20 years so he could avenge his father!Who was the six fingered man?

a. Count Rugen
b. Miracle Max
c. Inigo Montoya
d. Prince Humperdinck

Black - Prince Humperdinck had a black horse. He was the only man in his group with an all black horse, likely to symbolize his power.What color was Prince Humperdinck's horse?

a. Brown
b. Black
c. White
d. Brown and White

11 - Inigo was 11 years old. The six fingered man killed his father and Inigo spent the next 20 years (after the duel) training for the day when he met the six fingered man again.How old was Inigo when he lost the duel with the six fingered man?

a. 14
b. 18
c. 21
d. 11

Sicilian - He referred to himself as Sicilian. 'Never go in against the Sicilian when death is on the line.' This quote was during the battle of wits with Westley.What did Vizzini refer to himself as?

a. Sicilian
b. English
c. Grecian
d. Italian

Like the sea after a storm - When she was talking to 'The Dread Pirate Roberts,' she told him that Westley had eyes like the sea after a storm. She also told him that she did not love Humperdinck and that she died the day she found out Westley died.How did Buttercup describe Westley's eyes?

a. Beautiful like a room of jewels
b. Cool like a summer breeze
c. Like the sea after a storm
d. Like meadows of green

Fire Rain - Fire rain is the only one of these that is not a Fire swamp danger. The three terrors of the Fire swamp are the ROUS, Lightning Sand, and Flame spurts! The flames spurt out of the ground, they do not fall from the sky.Which of these is NOT a danger of the Fire swamp?

a. Flame Spurts
b. Lightning Sand
c. Rodents of Unusual Size
d. Fire Rain

Tyrone - Tyrone is Count Rugen's first name. He was played by Christopher Guest!What is Count Rugen's first name?

a. Paul
b. Yellin
c. Christopher
d. Tyrone

The Pit of Despair - Although Prince Humperdinck promised Buttercup that he would return Westley to his ship without harming him, he really threw him into the pit of despair so that he could torture him.What was the name of the dungeon in which Westley was held?

a. The Dungeon of Death
b. The Lion's Den
c. The Palace of Pain
d. The Pit of Despair

60 - At first, only 30 men were supposed to be guarding the gate during Buttercup's wedding, but after Westley, Fezzik and Inigo are reunited, they learn that there are now 60 men guarding the castle.How many men guarded the castle gate?

a. 30
b. 20
c. 60
d. 50

Rob Reiner - Rob Reiner was the director of this movie! He also directed Spinal Tap!Who directed the movie, "The Princess Bride?"

a. Steven Spielberg
b. George Lucas
c. Rob Reiner
d. Chris Columbus

Wallace Shawn - All of these actors starred in the Princess Bride. Wallace Shawn played Vizzini. Mandy Patinkin starred as Inigo Montoya and Andre the Giant was Fezzik.Which actor played Vizzini?

a. Wallace Shawn
b. Mandy Patinkin
c. Andre the Giant
d. Malcolm Storry

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