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Military History Trivia Questions #3

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Pericles - His name translates to 'One surrounded by glory'.Who was the leader of Athens during the First Peloponnesian War?

a. Pericles
b. Cimon
c. Leonidas
d. Xerxes

Battle of Gaugamela - After the battle, the bulk of Darius' army was defeated, although Darius himself managed to escape Alexander's reach.The battle after which Alexander the Great finally defeated Darius III is called...

a. Siege of Persepolis
b. Battle of Cophen
c. Battle of Gaugamela
d. Battle of Halicarnassus

Cohort - There were various types of cohorts, such as cohors classica with sailors, or cohors saggitaria containing archers.What name was used for an infantry military unit in the Imperial Roman Army, consisting of 480 men?

a. Legion
b. Pretoria
c. Cohort
d. Centurion

Hannibal - Hannibal is sometimes referred to as the father of strategy.Whom was the main military leader fighting against Rome in the Punic Wars?

a. Arminius
b. Vercingetorix
c. Attila
d. Hannibal

Battle of Tours - Battle of Tours is also called the Battle of Poitiers.The most famous battle between the Merovingian Franks and the Umayyad Caliphates is known as...

a. Merovingian Franks and the Umayyad Caliphate never fought.
b. Battle of Azincourt
c. Battle of Tours
d. Battle of Hastings

Standard - Joan was a standard-bearer and some historians argue her main function was supporting morale, rather than aiding physically in battle.What did Joan of Arc most often carry into battle?

a. Bow
b. Spear
c. Standard
d. Sword

A special type of bomb ship. - Hellburners were essentially floating bombs, used mostly by the Dutch against Spain.What is a "hellburner"?

a. An early prototype of a flamethrower.
b. A special type of bomb ship.
c. Cannon, used in XVI-XVIII centuries.
d. A different name for gunpowder.

Battle of Austerlitz - The 'three emperors' are Napoleon, Tsar Alexander I and Holy Roman Emperor Francis II.What is the most common name for the Battle of Three Emperors?

a. Battle of Grunwald
b. Battle of Austerlitz
c. Battle of Trafalgar
d. Battle of Waterloo

China - Gunpowder was used to propel rockets and even early grenades - not to mention guns.Where was gunpowder invented?

a. Japan
b. America
c. Egypt
d. China

Army of the Potomac - The army of the Potomac played a very important role in the Battle of Gettysburg.The Iron Brigade, the Philadelphia Brigade and the Irish Brigade all belonged to which military unit/army?

a. Army of the Potomac
b. Army of the James
c. Army of Georgia
d. Army of the Frontier

Chlorine - Deadly gases are often named as the first WMD.What was the first killing agent used by the Germans in the First World War?

a. Chlorine
b. Phosgene
c. Adamsite
d. Mustard gas

Operation Detachment - The battle lasted over a month.What was the operational name of the Battle of Iwo Jima?

a. Operation Overlord
b. Operation Detachment
c. Operation Iceberg
d. Operation Market Garden

2 - Aircraft carriers are considered the true measure of a superpower.How many aircraft carriers does Russia have at the present (2013)?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 0
d. 1

There was a 2-day ceasefire for the Vietnamese New Year celebrations. - The Tet Offensive was widely televised and resulted in the loss of support for the war among Americans.In 1968, during the Vietnam War, the communists launched the so-called Tet Offensive. It took the Americans by surprise. Why?

a. The US troops were expecting an attack in a completely different location.
b. There was a 2-day ceasefire for the Vietnamese New Year celebrations.
c. The US was about to withdraw from Vietnam.
d. United States had insufficient technology.

20 - It's a well-known 'secret' that one B-2 was shot down during the war in Kosovo in 1999.The Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit, also known as the Spirit Bomber, is one of the most famous advanced aircrafts currently in use. In total, US had spent over $2 billion per aircraft, building 21 airplanes in total. How many of those are still in use?

a. 20
b. 21
c. None
d. 17

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