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Kids Trivia Questions #30

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Red - Superman first appeared in a comic book called Action Comics in 1938.What color of cape does Superman wear?

a. Blue
b. Green
c. Yellow
d. Red

Norbert - Norbert was a Norwegian Ridgeback.In the Harry Potter movie, what was the name of Hagrid's dragon?

a. Heathcliff
b. Mouse
c. Fluffy
d. Norbert

Prime Minister - The United States has a President.What title does the leader of Canada have?

a. Czar
b. President
c. Premiere
d. Prime Minister

New Zealand - New Zealand is made up of two large islands and several smaller ones.Which of these countries is an island?

a. Peru
b. New Zealand
c. Germany
d. India

Snake - An asp is a venomous snake.What kind of animal is an asp?

a. Fish
b. Dog
c. Bird
d. Snake

Dog - The dog's name was Max.In the story, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," what kind of animal lives with the Grinch?

a. Dog
b. Cat
c. Bird
d. Fish

Pole - A magnet has both a north and south pole.What is the proper name for the end of a magnet?

a. Ender
b. Pole
c. Zone
d. Tip

Monopoly - In Monopoly, you try to buy as many properties as possible.In which game would you buy properties?

a. Scrabble
b. Clue
c. Monopoly
d. Life

Sherlock Holmes - Sherlock Holmes is a detective character that was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.Which of these characters is a detective?

a. Severus Snape
b. Sherlock Holmes
c. Lois Lane
d. Captain Kirk

October 31 - Halloween is celebrated once a year on the 31st of October.What day is Halloween?

a. October 25
b. October 31
c. October 1
d. October 14

Red - Brick, fire and scarlet are also shades of red.What color is auburn?

a. Blue
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Red

Eat it - Tarragon is a spice.What would you do with tarragon?

a. Wear it
b. Play it
c. Use it
d. Eat it

A year - It takes the earth 365 days to move around the sun.How long does it take the earth to move around the sun?

a. A year
b. A day
c. A week
d. A month

German shepherd - German shepherds are wonderful guard dogs.What kind of dog is often used as a police dog?

a. Chihuahua
b. Dalmatian
c. Cocker spaniel
d. German shepherd

Cactus - Cacti need very little water to survive.Which of these plants might live in the desert?

a. Pine tree
b. Palm tree
c. Cactus
d. Maple tree

Pride - The term herd is used for cows and horses.What is the proper term for a family of lions?

a. Pod
b. Pride
c. Cluster
d. Herd

Raven - A cardinal is bright red.Which of these birds is colored all black?

a. Peacock
b. Raven
c. Oriel
d. Cardinal

Anemometer - A thermometer measures temperature.What would you use to measure wind speed?

a. Odometer
b. Tachometer
c. Anemometer
d. Thermometer

A fly - Compound eyes are made up of thousands of individual photoreceptors.Which of these creatures has compound eyes?

a. A fly
b. A dog
c. An owl
d. A shark

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